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Cars > Rivs’s Garage > “Hoodoo” > Albums > Hoodoo Rebirth


Photo of a 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $uper $port SS (Hoodoo)


1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $uper $port SS


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Photos in the “Hoodoo Rebirth” Album

Album photo
Description: Hoodoo Rebirth

In the early 90s, I got the 88 Monte Carlo SS in a swap for my 86’ Camaro along with $500 way upstate beyond my home in Westchester NY. “Monty” as she was called then by my ex and friends came mint with some cool adds like auto trunk opener and an interior lighting show from a switch. The 305 was still mint and outside of an engine oil cooler set up, there was no other modifications. The body was mint outside of a dent on the driver’s door from dude trying to break back into his car. Hell, dude even still had the t-top bags in the trunk. From the next following 4-5 years, wherever I went, I was in the Monte Carlo. Outside of the usual tune ups, better shocks from Sears and re-designing the interior for a white console to match the body- I did literally nothing else to her but make money, go to work and have fun with it. 4 winning races, lots of cruises throughout Westchester and trips to concerts, movies, outings, ect. Then life happened. Drama to say and I had to park the Monte Carlo SS in her cage. 6 years later…..the world had changed, I had changed and Monte Carlo had changed from mint beauty to a rusty bar find. My homey said that car was processed like Christine (car from horror movie of the same name) because cats tried but some weird **** always happened to them when they tried to steal her while I was away.

After cleaning out vermin nests, leaves, ect off and inside the car, me and building’s super tried oil drops, carb cleaner, sparks, jumps, ect but no start. I was drinking lots of St.Ides back then and after sitting in the car just thinking that out of lots of things I lost in 6 years, I was still happy I still had the car so I said “**** it”, popped the hood open and poured some malt liquor in the old carb. My super came out calling me crazy and I turned the key and bang – She was alive again. My super was freaked out by that and called it voodoo. The vibe stuck to me and I wanted her to represent all the things I’ve been through while she was sitting watching me come back n fort from the cage. I decided to call her Hoodoo and with the new ideas I had it was about time we both came back to life.

The Last Race
Hoodoo looked “harden” with areas of rust and decay so while driving from its first run through at Camelo’s shop in War Burden, some dude in his little BMW tuner said some slick **** with $80 out his mouth. I hate tuners and I needed $80. I had promised my ex I wouldn’t race again but I’ll be damn if this little ---anyway, it was on. Did I mention it was the very day I had put the plates on Hoodoo? I didn’t even know if the brakes were working good or whatever. All I knew was that the carb was on its way out but freak it. “One last race for ol times sakes.” At first, it didn’t look good with the beemer 2 cars ahead on the way to said finished station but once 2nd gear kicked in it was like ol times again and we were gone! Almost lost control, because the brakes were slow on a turn, then gusts of smoke farted out Hoodoo’s then 1inch pipes going up hill. But we won that sucker. Punk only had about $50 but freak it – I took it. Feeling real good about myself and Hoodoo, while driving back listening to Cypress Hill, I started seeing smoke. Damn. Pulled over and the carb was on fire. Kids came with bottle water, ect but I just threw towels from the trunk on the heart and thankfully put the fire out before the Fire truck came cause they would’ve destroyed my 305. Well…after Camello’s boy towed us to Benji’s shop (chief mechanic), Benji just looked at me, shaking his head in disgust saying “You couldn’t wait one day? When you gonna grow up? You could’ve hurt mother****ers!” he said. A couple hours later in the shop hanging out, I thought about everything that happened that afternoon drinking my beer hearing him say all kinds of curses under the hood. He was right cause he’s my homey. That was the last race. But it did feel good. (smile).

Setting up Hoodoo’s themes

I lot of Hoodoo’s theme came to me from my life in Westchester, LA and how I roll as an artist.Hoodoo looked “harden” with areas of rust and decay, yet the engine compartment and interior was sweeter after previous situations. The body will be last to get tackled cause I like that rough on the outside/meaner on the inside feel. I began making plans to rebuild Hoodoo from the inside out. Minor creative mods like skull laced items such as plate holders, cigarette lighter, rear view mirrors, door locks and tire plugs from Auto Zone. Nothing tacky like mis matched stickers and **** but intergrading themes of “Skulls, Baptist Horror Tales, Thick Voodoo Chicks & Psychedelic Cash Monsters.

07/12/07 Insurance deposit/registration - $320
- I went back to my old insurance agent on Central Ave and my man Jack The Booster gave me good rate and 2 months before 1st payment.

07/14/07 New plates - $19
- Yonkers’ DMV was quick. Thanks to my girl Shorty Roc
07/20/07 wipers - $20
- (wasted money because they broke) brought at Auto Zone in South Yonkers
07/25/07 Skull door locks - $6
- My Bronx homegirl Boobie Nasty picked em out for me at a the R&S Straus store in Brunkner while we was messing around.
07/26/07 Skull cigarette lighter - $7
- (wasted money because it broke) My mans and them Ely and Ol’Dirty Curt said the **** couldn’t be fixed.
07/28/07 Skull tire plugs - $7 - R&S Straus in South Yonkers

By: Rivs
Filed under: 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $uper $port SS (Hoodoo)
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Updated: Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:50 pm
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Album photo 0
Hoodoo $uper $port
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Album photo 1
Side Body
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Album photo 2
305 at wake up stage. Cleaning vermin nests, ect.
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Album photo 3
Interior Work (Stage 1) Skulls & Cross
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Album photo 4
Hoodoo Interior 07. It's been updated since. Pics coming soon.
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Album photo 5
Hoodoo and my brother's 79 Camaro' Tinkerbelle
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Album photo 6
Hoodoo's Bombie
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Album photo 7
Developing Hoodoo's murals and Artwork for this series I'm working...
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Page 1 of 1: 1 Photos 1 – 8 of 8  


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