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Slideshow for the “Dutton Phaeton 3 Kit Car” album.

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Dutton Phaeton 3 Kit Car” Album
Description: Description?. I just love it's shape and the fun of driving a 2 litre with low weight, and very hard suspension, amazing road holding but she does skip out a bit if it's bumpy, a lively beast. But then there are the comments I get even from the elderly.

Donor cars were a 1972 and a 1974 Ford Escort. Engine is from a Ford Capri and the 5 speed gearbox from a Ford Sierra. Front axle and steering gear is from a Triumph. Frame and body from Tim Dutton.

Just think of it as a two litre go kart.
By: pwlladeryn
Filed under: 1988 Dutton Phaeton III (Axel Folly ( The Crazy Frog))
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Updated: Sun May 24, 2009 7:10 pm
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