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Bansheee” Album
Description: Totaled 2008 Jeep SRT-8 on 2/1/2012 found and purchased this 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 and purchased on 2/8/2012. Has 12,850 miles and only 2,400 miles on a custom Built Hemi 440 Stroker Motor w/11.1 compression by Arrington Performance in Martinsville, VA

NASCAR HEMI Rotating Assembly:

•K1 or Manley – Arrington Spec Forged Steel Crankshaft.
•Total Seal NASCAR Grade Steel Piston Rings
•K-1 Forged H Beam Bushed Connecting Rods w/ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
•Wrist Pin & Locks
•ARP Main Studs
•Cleveite H Type Main and Rod Bearings
•Mopar Performance Block Plugs
•Gun Shot Paint - Choice of Colors
Short Block Labor: Dissemble, Inspection & Validation

•Receiving Inspection
•Dissemble Core (If Required)
•Hot tank block & remove all liquid contaminants
•As Received Measurements
•Sonic Check Cylinder Bores
•Clean Oil Galleys
•Bore Scope Cavities
•Hand Chase Threads
Machine Shop

•Validate Deck Surface
•Validate Bore Centerlines
•Bore Cylinders
•Hone Cylinders w/Honing Plate
•Install Billet Main Caps
•Line Hone
•Hand Clearance for Stroker Kit
•Balance Rotating Assembly
•Remove all flashing
•chafer all 90 degree corners
•Radius bottom of all cylinder bores
•Other proprietary block operations.
Short Block Final Assembly:

•NASCAR Grade Block Finish.
•Engineered High RPM Oil System:
?Maintain .0625" chamfer radius throughout oil system.
?Other proprietary oil system operations.
•NASCAR Grade Rotating Assembly Setup:
?Micro-polish all bearing surfaces (including wrist pins).
?Micrometer measurement of all bearing surfaces
?Hand match individual bearings to journals maintaining .0001" tolerance to specified clearances.
?Other proprietary rotating assembly operations.
Phase 4 and 6 Heads Include:

•CNC Ported
•Single Point Cut CNC Valve Job on a Newen Epoc CNC
•PSI 1511 Springs
•Hardened Steel Retainers
•Hardened Steel Locators
•Viton Valve Seals
•Capable of up to .625” Lift
•High Velocity Air Flow B-Woody Cold Air Induction.
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