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Cars > Challenges > “Evil Bandit” Vs “Major”


juliex550’s Profile Photo


Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

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Towanda, Kansas
United States


1979 Pontiac Trans Am SE

“Evil Bandit”

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


Photo of: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
Photo of: 1978 Pontiac Firebird

Head to Head


About “Evil Bandit”

This was a 2 person owned SE from out west, It was bought by someone in Tampa in 1991 and the guy who bought it from this dude got it for his 19 year old son, Now, keep in mind i live in South Florida, most 19 year old Cuban boys are NOT into a 1979 trans am, so he put it on craigslist and put TRANSAM so if you searched Trans Am it wouldn't come up. I just happened to type that in and I got this amazing stamped Y84 -WS6 at a crazy low price for the kid to go buy a rice burner.. I have since had it PHS documented and am super happy with my find.

About “Major”

I was actually at a family get together after a funeral, and i saw this car across the street with the words "For Sale" in White Shoe Polish across the back glass. I was like no way, they just bought it and haven't scraped it off yet, but i went ahead and knocked on the peoples door and i will be damned if it WAS for sale! The Guy wasn't home but we came back the next day and he walked out and it fired right up! So we left Kayleigh's car there and took it for a test drive, guy even gave us some money to put in the tank. I drove it all over hell's half acre beatin the snot out of it, cause it was gunna be my daily driver, it ran pretty decent, but i did over heat it. I brought it back like 3 hours later.... The guy had called the cops thinking i had stole the car! LOL Needs less to say i barrowed 500 bucks from my GF's mom and said i would be back at the end of the day to pay the other 500 (after cashing a paycheck) and so Me and Kayleigh took to the Highway. Cruising side by side didn't last long, she tried edging ahead and i would nail it pulling away and let off, then she would blow my doors off and it would start again all the way to her mom's house( i had to use the bathroom) and then i was off to work in my "New" Trans Am cruising easy at 75 smiling ear to ear wondering what i would sound like once i cut off the old muffler and welded on a glass pack, but it started knocking at the county line! i was PISSED, so after unsuccessfully trying to flag someone down i walked up to a farm house and barrowed a phone and got kayleigh to come get me. Once she got there i call the guy back and told him i couldn't give him a thousand bucks for the car cause it was knocking and that wouldn't work for my day to day transportation. So after he came out and listened to it, he offered to buy it back for 500 or let me keep it for 500, i Kept it wish hopes of finding another motor soon. No Such luck, fast forward a few years. I find a running old 455/th 400 for sale, i offer to buy just the motor since i didn't have enough for both, but he said he needed to clear out the garage and let me have it all for 200 bucks! i was pumped! but once i got the 400 pulled and started to lower the 455 i noticed the motor mounts weren't the same so i called the guy up and he gave me the mounts as well, so thinkin i was clever i set the motor in there with the mounts on it, marked it off and then cover it up. Shortly there after i deployed to Afghanistan and when i came home the 455 was locked up...... :( so it is now sitting gutted again awaiting a rebuild of the original 400. We started to call it Major cause Kayleigh calls one of her Camaro's LT so me being in the Army i thought it would be fun to give my car more Rank since we've had it longer and i plan to make it Haul Major @ss!


Specs for “Evil Bandit”

All original interior expt a new radio. Seats look great and the T-TOPS dont leak. The only down size is that it is not the original engine, They guy replaced the 400 w a Corvette 350.

Specs for “Major”

400 CID, 220 HP, TH400, Top Speed around 120 MPH (
though i wasn't exactly eyeballin the speedo when i was trying it out.


Factory Options for “Evil Bandit”

Power windows, and trunk pop button which works. original dash with no cracks or tears.Seats are almost perfect with one stich broken.

Factory Options for “Major”

Powersteering, powerbrakes, front disk, rear drum, "quad Exhaust tips" Shaker hood Scoop, Trans Am Fender Flares,AC Car, manual windows and locks,


Mods for “Evil Bandit”

No modifications listed.

Mods for “Major”

Nothing yet, it is kinda the back burner project right now


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Cars > Challenges > “Evil Bandit” Vs “Major”

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