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Saint Louis, Missouri
United States


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Hello to all and I NEED HELP

By chevy66babe

I haven't had time to get on here lately, and finally got album from Babe's second car show. But the pics are upside down, because they were loaded from a disk. Using a film camera and that's the way they are on the disk and I don't know how to turn them. On Facebook, you can rotate the pics, but can't find a way to do that on here. Sorry for the upside down photos. My cousin recently gave me a digital camera when she upgraded but I still have to get a disk for pics. Older computer does not have a port for the memory card.
If anyone can figure out how to turn these pics, I'd appreciate it.

Mary and Babe-who does not like to be upside down on a pic.

my latest trip

By chevy66babe

One of my loves besides classic cars is trains. I went with local RR group to AR to ride on ex-Frisco tracks. That's the RR my parents worked for and I'd never been in that area before.
Train took us from Springdale, AR to Ft. Smith and return on one day and the following day we went from Springdale to near Monett. That's where our 1958 Trailways bus met the group.
It drove us all the way from St. Louis to AR and back.

Part of the fun was meeting up with some Facebook teenage friends who love trains and Frisco. They live in that area and we were able to connect and are making plans to see each other again, in the Branson area. Another place I've never been.

sorry to all

By chevy66babe

I've went back to work at our local United Way for my usual few months during campaign, so I've fallen way behind on my mail.
Sorry if I don't get to make comments often or even have time to look at albums, it alawys gets a little crazy for me around ths time.
I just didn't want any of my car friends to thinkI've been ignorning you. I'm doing this post on my lunch break, even thought we're not suposed to be in this site, but a few minutes won't hurt. Most nigghts I don't even turn computer on after having been on it all day.

Excuse spelling too, I'm typing fast to get out of here.

Mary and Babe.

Cool Ride of the Week

By chevy66babe

Babe and I are very happy to be chosen the Cool Ride of the Week. I've always thought she's cool and nice to have others recognize that fact.
Thanks to everyone for the congrats and nice comments.

Mary and Babe

Babe is up and running

By chevy66babe

Just wanted everyone to know that my mechanic was able to get a carburetor for Babe and put it in last week. He also worked on the brake drums, so she's rolling good now.

He got the carb from someone he knows in Nebr.

Thanks to all for their kind words and I've saved e-mails with info that we might need in the future. I always save contact info from people in the classic car world, never know when they might come in handy. Like the guy from the Bow Tie Club that got Babe her new gas tank a few years ago.

Babe needs help

By chevy66babe

Lately Babe has been having a sluggish problem starting and my mechanic found that some sort of injector that puts fuel into carburetor is bad. He tried to find a kit for that part, but nothing fits. So he has the word out for a rebuilt carburetor or even get a new one made by a vintage restorer.

If anybody knows where we can go to find a carburetor, please let me know.
Just e-mail me at, since I don't spend much time in here anymore after getting hit by two viruses when I was in this site. I'm afraid to take the chance.

I want to be able to keep Babe running. He has a lead on a couple of restored ones that have to be shipped from out of town, but the guy was out until Monday. He seemed optimistic that we'll find something somewhere. He has a '55 Chevy that he restored a few years ago.
He just told me not to drive Babe much except for emergencies for a few days until he gets new one put in, because she might stall out on me.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate how much all of you think of Babe and all the kind remarks.


Happy New Year

By chevy66babe

Dell was able to fix my computer again. This time it was not
a virus but a Windows glitch that shut down the system and they were able to restore it.

I haven't been on because of working and tired when I come home, but did want to wish all my Motortopia friends a
Happy New Year.

I hope the computer gremlins leave me alone this coming year.

Happy Holidays and a downed computer

By chevy66babe

My computer went down again, but it might be the hard drive just giving up and dying. I'm calling Dell later in the week, no time now. So I might be off here for a while, until I get this
situation fixed.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my Motortopia friends. Enjoy the holidays

Hit by a nasty computer virus

By chevy66babe

I was hit by a nasty computer virus on Sat when I was on this site reading stuff in my Inbox. Dell worked almost all day yesterday getting it cleared out, it was a stubborn one, called Pro Antivirus System, it started to scan my computer and I immediately clicked it off, because I have Webroot. But it took over with popups and all kinds of messages. Dell and Webroot told me to notify administrators of Motortopia about this, which I just did, sending a message to Jerry & Mary. Maybe there's something they need to do to block this junk. Webroot said it was so
powerful, it blew right past their defenses.

So you might not see me on here as much or looking at stuff, for a while. Dell said it gets really bad around the holidays with virus attacks, more people are on the Internet.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I will stay in touch.


'66 Babe on Route 66

By chevy66babe

I took Babe to a local custard stand early on a Sunday morning, before they were open and got swamped with customers. It's on part of old Route 66 that runs near where I live and it was a perfect spot to line her up with the highway sign.

Babe's first car show

By chevy66babe

Babe and I were in our first car show and had a blast. Met lots of nice people and heard glowing comments about Babe. I was afraid she wouldn't fit in the garage when I brought her home because she'd be bloated with compliments LOL.
It was at a local park as part of their annual Art in the Park Fest and it was a very nice day. I'll be back next year.

chasing an El Camino

By chevy66babe

I've seen a blue El Camino driving around my area. Babe & I chased him down the other day and had a nice chat. We mutually admired each other's vehicles, his is a '69 that he restored, even added a $28.000 chrome motor-650 hp.
He had seen Babe rolling around too and was glad I caught up with him so we could talk.

Fast & Furious

By chevy66babe

Just came home from seeing the new Fast & Furious and I enjoyed it. Lots of great car scenes, of course, and American muscle. Decent story line too and it was great to see Vin and Paul back together again.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring

By chevy66babe

Just wanted to wish all of my Motortopia friends a Happy Easter and glad spring is around the corner. Some of you have already had nice weather, or don't even have a winter. Ours has been up and down, but it will come.
Babe says hi to everyone too.

on Babe's pictures

By chevy66babe

For those of you who looked at Babe's album and saw the beat-up Dakota across the street, it finally bit the dust. Belonged to a neighbor and he couldn't get it started a few weeks ago, so it's gone.

Happy New Year

By chevy66babe

Babe and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year.
Hoping for better things with the economy and jobs.


Merry Christmas

By chevy66babe

Merry Christmas to all my friends. Enjoy the holidays.

Mary & Babe

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