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October 14th, 2011

Tex and Photos by Kevin Wilson

A True Dual-Purpose Diesel

Life on a farm is hard work. Besides moving dirt, growing crops and feeding animals, you’ve got a lot of farm machinery that needs tending to.

And in order to function on a farm, you’ve got to have the right tools and truck for the job. Just ask Chaz Roth, of Lancaster, Ohio, who spends the majority of his time working down on the farm. His 2002 F-350 is not only set up for the rigors of farm work, he also uses it for play, making it the true dual-purpose diesel.

Chaz bought his Ford as a work truck, and after getting bit by the diesel bug, thanks to his buds at Unlimited Diesel, he’s built a truck that meets his needs and is to his liking.

In order to clear the huge, 50-inch Michelin XDN2 tires, Chaz claims the truck only need a 4-inch leaf spring lift. The huge rubber is mounted on Alcoa Dura Bright 22.5-inch, semi-style wheels. A MagHytec diff cover provides more fluid capacity to the 3:73 geared Dana 70 rear end.

With that much rolling weight, the stock 7.3L Power Stroke needed a bit more go power, so the folks at Unlimited Diesel, in Bremen, Ohio, went to work. For better breathing, the truck is fitted with an AFE intake, complete with the added dirt-filtering capacity of a pre-filter. On the exhaust side, a 4-inch up pipe from the back of the turbo feeds a 6-inch hood stack, sled-puller style.

In order to provide additional fuel and power, the Ford got a new set of 238 hybrid fuel injectors fitted with 80 percent nozzles, according to Chaz. And providing six different tunes is a TS Performance six-position chip that is custom-tuned by Matt Robinson, of Gear Head Automotive.

Other than the stack sticking through the hood and the custom tubular grille up front, the truck still looks relatively stock—with the exception of a huge, red clevis hook up front and Chaz’s own set of “truck nuts” out back. Other add-ons include custom tubular side steps with diamond plate steps, plenty of stainless trim and even a polished aftermarket fuel filler door.

On the inside, you can certainly tell the truck is a farm workhorse. The seating is stock, and the floor mats are dirty. A set of A-pillar-mounted Stewart Warner gauges keeps an eye on just about everything, while an American Bass 1000-watt amp, connected to twin 12-inch American Bass subs, provides added thump to the stock stereo. And under the truck is an onboard air system with a one-gallon tank for the train horns.

With the huge tire-and-wheel combo, Chaz says the truck has actually run an 18-flat in the quarter—about par with a stock VW TDI Jetta—and gets “feet per gallon” for mileage.

On the other hand, the truck has no problems getting anywhere or pulling anything on the farm—and it certainly makes a statement wherever it goes.

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