Full Boost -See Your Truck Here!

March 7th, 2013

Getting to be that time of year again when the diesel event season ramps up and people start rolling out their rides after a long winter’s hibernation. For Diesel World, that means a whole new crop of feature and cover trucks since the files get a bit thin this time of year. Personally, I enjoy traveling and covering events since any day out of the office shooting photos sure beats staring at a computer screen and answering e-mails.


So how do we pick our features? Simple. We are looking for trucks that represent. We like to see trucks with modifications to the exterior, interior and of course, the motor and suspension. Since we’ve concentrated on real-world rides over the past few years, simple upgrades will suffice in most cases since they represent what the majority of diesel owners are doing to their trucks. Occasionally, we’ll feature and over-the-top ride just to show how far you can go. (Read More…)


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