Wheels Up

July 23rd, 2010

One of the toughest quests most people will ever face is finding the perfect wheel. There are different styles and sizes to ponder and then there’s the pressure of knowing that the entire look of the outside is heavily influenced on the rolling gear. Plus, everyone has a strong opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t. The unit to decide how successful a wheel choice went is measured by the number of people giving the nob of approval.

Maybe we’re being dramatic, but it really is that big of a deal to some of us. Open up a wheel catalog and it takes about 5 seconds until arguments debates begin. Depending on what staff members are joining in, a Diesel World employee who shall remain nameless will inevitable suggest that if a truck is black, white or silver, the only choice when it comes to wheel color is gold. And milliseconds after gold is mentioned, the jokes and harassment begin.

We thought a poll was in order so we can see what everyone else thinks about the subject. Although it’s probably not going to end any water cooler discussions, one of the sides is going to have some more ammo.

Which Color Wheel Looks Best?

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