February 21st, 2011

1) Mini-Mini Peterbuilts

I saw the story about the mini big rig kits in the December issue of Diesel World titled “Pint-Sized Peterbuilt”.  Nice trucks, very cool idea. I also build pint-sized Peterbuilt bodies that go on golf cart frames. I offer them as either a complete cart, or the parts and accessories to fit a ’95-03 Yamaha or club car golf cart. I am working on plans to build a bunk in the future. Though the readers interested in the mini Pete’s would enjoy this. Thank you.

Dave Ranck


Thanks for the heads up on your product. I’m sure there are a few diesel enthusiasts or racers who hit the show and would love to have their golf car look like this, in true diesel fashion.

2) Diesel Tahoe How To

I just read through the December issue and enjoyed it lot. I spotted the article on the Duramax powered Tahoe and have a few questions. Do you have any past articles of other resources for me to learn about diesel swaps? I have a 2001 Chevrolet 3500 4×4 with the big block 8.1L gasoline engine mated to an Allison automatic. I’ll bet the electronics should plug in. The relay panel has empty spots labeled for a diesel engine relays. However, I at least know there is a lot more to a diesel swap than meets the eye. Any help would be appreciated.

Steven Jecker

Via E-Mail

When we spotted the diesel-powered Tahoe, it was only natural to put it in the spotlight. The owner says the swap wasn’t all that difficult, since the diesel wiring harness does plug right into the GM electronics. He added that the hardest part of the swap was getting the huge 8-lug rear axle under the truck. On your truck you’re already starting with a 1-ton, so axle issues won’t be a problem. You’re biggest challenges will include hood clearance (a body lift might fix that) and getting a diesel version of the Allison in the truck. We have been getting so many requests for diesel engine swap info, we did two issues this past year, Feb. 2010 and the December issue you saw. Stay tuned…more cool stuff to come.

3) Keep Up The Good Work

Just wanted to drop you guys a note saying that Diesel World has come a long way since it was introduced nearly 5 years ago. The magazine is now more tech oriented and has stories for the average reader and diesel truck owner that shows them how to modify and improve their ride. I also love reading about diesel engine swaps and seeing the different types of trucks you’re featured with transplanted diesels. Keep up the good work guys!

Thomas Haas

Crown Point, IN

Thanks for the kind words. We try to take the “something for everyone” approach with this magazine, which broadens the appeal and has helped increase both newsstand and advertising sales. And we love the engine swap stuff since it shows some good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity.


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