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June 28th, 2010

Cherry Ram

It is fitting that someone with a name like “David Cherry” drives around in a bright red truck. Cherry is the owner of a ’06 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 with a long bed, and the Cummins-powered pickup is packed with a bunch of aftermarket parts. Starting at the rear with a bed shot and Reflex bedliner and moving to the front where projector headlights are equipped with HID lights, almost everything between the two ends has been modified one way or another.

The common rail runs an aFe Stage 2 intake, Bully Dog Triple Dog with Outlook Monitor loaded with a Crazy Larry tune, AirDog 150 and MBRP 5-inch turbo-back exhaust. A clutch from Southbend beefs up the driveline, while Mickey Thompson Classic wheels and Baja ATZ tires are used for rollers. David also added airbags for towing, a Wolverine light bar equipped with four PIAA 510 lights and leather seats from Katskin. It all makes for a clean daily driver that gets David around Duncan, Pennsylvania, in style.

Old Faithful

Sometimes readers do such a good job describing their trucks that there’s not much room for improvement as is the case of Michael Trout’s F-250. Here’s what the Roanoke, Virginia resident sent us to describe his Blue Oval:

“Here is a true International truck. Known As “Ole Faithful” (Pre-Power Stroke Diesel), it is a 7.3L IDI non-turbo international diesel F-250 pickup. The only thing electronic is the clock. It has a ZF5 five-speed and it was made in Norfolk, Virginia. It doesn’t have a lot of power, but it gets the job done. It is bone stock – everything that’s in it is Motorcraft. It has 180 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque, but knowing me it isn’t going to be like that for long. It’s hard to find performance upgrades for the old IDI International, but at least there some. There are no power chips or big turbos for these old diesels (The Forgotten Ones). Just little performance upgrades to get you enough power to get over the hill. I never see any old IDI in the diesel magazines so please put mine in it.”

California Dreaming

Koree Marino’s 2000 F-250 is a work in progress to reflect his dream truck. Tired of seeing people in his California neighborhood spend a bunch of money on lift kits and never take them off the pavement, Koree wanted to go on the dirt and pound on his truck. And from there, his pre-runner Ford was born.

Under the hood is where the build began. Starting with a Banks Six Gun tuner, the 7.3L also was shod with a JBA exhaust, Edge programmer and K&N intake. When he found the leveling kit he installed wouldn’t clear 39-inch–tall tire, Koree ordered up 6-inch Atlas springs for the front and rear. The front wears a billet grille and fiberglass fenders while the rear also has a fiberglass sides. Unsure if he’s ready to rip out the entire bed, a spare tire mount sits in the box until he decides what road he’s going to take.

Improvements are still coming, and Koree plans to install four G3 bucket seats and have the cab and bed caged. The biggest overhaul is going to come when Koree decides to pull the front axle and replace the suspension with an I-beam setup from a 1999 e350 van. He estimates the change will widen each side of the suspension four inches and should give him the travel he was looking for. Though he’s building it on a budget, Koree is well on the way to making his dream come true and catching serious air with his Ford.

Inferno First Gen

If someone was to say their truck is more than a quarter-century old, for a lot of people, the first thing that would come to mind is a rusted-out beater. Houston Jackson dispels that myth with his ’93 Dodge D350. The truck doesn’t look as good as it did when it rolled off the assembly line; it actually looks better courtesy of the Inferno Red Pearl paint it was sprayed with in 2007.

The dually has more than 235,000 clicks on the odometer, but hides it well. The Cummins that is mated to a five-speed transmission has been treated to a homemade 4-inch to 5-inch exhaust and a custom cold air intake. Houston has also done quite a bit of work to the injection pump to give the 5.9L a boost in power. When it comes to towing or pulling tractors around, the first thing Houston does is grab the keys to his Dodge. It’s a truck that truly has stood the test of time.

Gift Wrapped Ram

Everyone has a story about a present they received that made more than made up for years of unwrapping T-shirts and underwear. For Daniel Martin of Firebaugh, California, that story surrounds his 18th birthday when he received his 2004.5 2500 Dodge Ram with a six-speed transmission. Since he first got the truck, he has been putting performance parts on it one piece at a time.

Currently, the Cummins is equipped with a Smarty programmer stacked with a TST module. The factory turbocharger has been modified and the cold side of the charger gets its air through an aFe intake while the hot side pushes it past the PacBrake exhaust brake and through a 4-inch, free-flowing system. Between the 5.9L and the six-speed gearbox is a Southbend clutch. The way things are headed, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Daniel’s truck when it’s completed.



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