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Monday, June 28th, 2010


Style and Function Are Melded on This Late-Model Chevy

By Kevin Wilson

Photography: Kevin Wilson

Not long ago, when lowered late-model Chevys were all the rage, the hot look was a monochrome treatment with body-colored bumpers, door handles, roll pan and tonneau. Since that time, styling trends have come and gone, but the monochrome treatment still gets a lot of attention. Just ask Jason Arce whose basic white, ’08 Chevy turns a lot of heads. Not only is it quick, his truck is a perfect example of what the monochrome treatment looks like on a late-model diesel.

The ingredients for Jason’s recipe are simple: big lift, big powdercoated wheels, shaved emblems, and a clean approach to building the truck. As a sales rep for ATS in Avarda, Colorado, Jason’s Chevy is also a rolling business card that shows customers just what can be accomplished with a late-model, GM Duramax truck.