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Big-Rig Racing – - Why? Because You Can

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Two big triple-axle rigs prepare for burnouts. There were classes for all kinds of trucks, and all kinds showed up for a day at the track.

Imagine the spectacle: Two triple-axle Peterbilt trash compactor trucks edge into the burnout box and light up the tires, building to a fine crescendo of white smoke. They stage, the Christmas tree counts down, Detroit Diesel engines rage, black smoke blasts from the stacks and the two are off––rear ends hopping, lumbering down the track in slow motion, turbos whining like a dental drill, with dueling train horns blasting back and forth all the way down the track. OK, so they’re not exactly fast. But take it from us: You haven’t lived until you see it for yourself. (more…)