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Project Low-Buck 12-Valve: Part 2

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Project Low-Buck 12-Valve: Part 2

Inspecting and Servicing Our First-Gen Dodge

By Kevin Wilson

Photography: Terry DeLong

Back in our November issue, we introduced Project Low Buck, a first-gen Dodge D-350 4×4 that was found sitting idle out in a farm field. The truck was parked after a front-end crash that damaged the bumper, grille and left-front fender. The new owner picked it up for $1,500 and was able to drive it away after putting in two new batteries and a fresh load of diesel fuel.

Once back at his garage/shop, the new owner slapped on a $400 junkyard front clip, which included both front fenders, a broken grille and hood. He also added a refurbished brass radiator that cost him an additional $125. From that point, the Dodge 4×4 was pressed into service as primary winter transportation and the family workhorse.