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Product Test: Trinity

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Product Test: Trinity

An In-Depth Look at the Latest Tuner From Diablosport

By Chris Neprasch

Photography: Chris Neprasch

We’ve entered a level of technology in electronics where it seems like everything is capable of performing multiple tasks. You can order a pizza online from the same cell phone you use to make calls and check the weather. For fitness gurus, wristwatches cannot only tell the time, they can calculate heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled. And now, a downloader can do more than install a program into your truck’s computer.

The Trinity from Diablosport is one of these new generation diesel tuners. Along with re-flashing the ECM, it can read engine parameters, clear trouble codes and provide a virtual drag strip on any open stretch of road. The Trinity has a large touch-screen display to serve as the command center for all of the functions and can even tune gas and diesel vehicles with one application number. To get a better feel for how far tuners have come, we ordered a Trinity to see how well it performs a few of the advertised key features. Here’s the breakdown of our experiences with Diablosport’s Trinity.