Level Out Your Super Duty the Easy Way

July 18th, 2011

Text and Photos by Kevin Wilson

When it comes to suspension upgrades, diesel truck owners have a lot of options. You can get the full Monty—an 8-inch lift kit or bigger—or opt for the industry standard, which is typically a 6-inch kit that will allow you to run 35-inch tires comfortably. But for folks whose trucks are still under warranty, during which time an aftermarket lift kit could void the warranty, the choices for improved tire clearance are slim to none.

For Ford Super Duty owners wanting a little more room for upsized rubber, such as a 33-inch tire, there is a simple and inexpensive option. Daystar Products, of Phoenix, Arizona, offers leveling kits for 2005-to-2011 4×4 Super Duties and ’99-and-up 4×2 trucks. All kits provide 2.5 inches of lift up front.

The beauty of Daystar’s leveling kits, versus a full suspension lift, is that the original front coil springs are retained for a factory ride. The Daystar kit utilizes a polyurethane coil spring spacer that’s mounted on top of the factory spring. According to Daystar, the polyurethane setup is better than other kits that use aluminum spacers that create metal-to-metal contact. The folks at Daystar indicated that the polyurethane spacers help isolate noise, vibration and harmonics from the front suspension while maintaining a factory ride.

Since the front suspension lift requires a longer shock-absorber, Daystar also offers its Scorpion shocks as an option for its kits. Each shock set is specifically tuned for each application and features a twin-tube design. You can order just the front shocks, which are needed for the proper suspension travel, or get the whole set for both front and back. The shocks come with shock boots and Daystar performance urethane shocks bushings for durability.

The Daystar leveling kits are available in black, while the Scorpion shocks feature white shock bodies and black boots and bushings, according to Daystar. For the true outdoors enthusiast looking for something a little different, Daystar now offers the kit in its exclusive camouflage finish. The finish on the spacers and shocks mimics the natural woods pattern popular with hunters and outdoorsmen and is an easy way to customize your Ford.

To show you just how easy it is to install one of these Daystar leveling kits, we headed to 4Wheel Parts’ Phoenix, Arizona store for an install on a 2006 crew cab 4×4 Super Duty. The install was so simple that we had to beg the tech to remove the wheels so we could get better photographs. So, the upgrade is more than simple enough for the average driveway mechanic. We also installed a new set of Scorpion shocks on our 80,000-mile guinea pig, since the stock ones were shot.

If you’re looking for just a tad more tire clearance without breaking the bank or ruining the ride quality of your Ford Super Duty, check into Daystar’s Comfort Ride Leveling Kit.

For GM Truck Owners

If you are a GM truck owner looking for a little more room for larger tires, Daystar has a solution for you, as well. Since the front end of all GM 4x4s utilizes torsion bars, Daystar offers re-indexed torsion bar keys that allow you to raise the front end up to 2 inches without sacrificing ride quality. While the install is a bit more complicated than the Ford kit, the end results are the same. The kit also comes with shock extension brackets so that you can reuse your original shocks.

For GM owners looking for a little more tire clearance, Daystar also offers re-indexed torsion keys and shock extensions.





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