OE-Looking Auto Meter Gauges

January 24th, 2012

Text and Photos by Kevin Wilson

There’s no disputing that if you own a diesel and have modified it or tow heavy loads, you need a good set of aftermarket gauges to keep track of EGTs—at the very least, let alone trans temps and even boost levels.

Of course, many of today’s LCD screen tuners have provisions for real-time monitoring of vitals, but nothing beats a great set of gauges that are easy to see and read. A-pillar gauges are quite common on many of our featured trucks in the magazine and are available in several styles and colors. But no matter which style or color you choose, they still look like add-ons, instead of original equipment. Such is the nature of the beast, right?

Wrong. By now, everyone knows Auto Meter products, of Sycamore, Illinois. It is a leader in aftermarket instrumentation. Its gauges are on almost every type of race vehicle there is, including Sprint Cup cars, and are known for their accuracy. One of the complaints about aftermarket gauges the company kept hearing was that they still looked aftermarket; that is, after-the-fact add-ons, since the type face and illumination color never seemed to match the factory dash.

Auto Meter offers its Factory Match series of gauges for diesels that monitor EGTs, boost pressure, high-pressure oil pump pressure and trans temps.

However, Auto Meter has addressed that issue by launching a new line of Factory Match gauges for 1999-2007 Ford Super Duty owners. The Factory Match series combines the precision and accuracy of other Auto Meter gauges with gauges that are custom built to match the appearance, coloring and typeface found on the original equipment instrument panel.

Thanks to Auto Meter’s signature Hi-Def LED illumination, the colors are tuned to the factory tint.

The net-net of the deal is that you can have factory-looking gauges that look like stock or a dealer-installed option to monitor vitals on your Power Stroke. Initial offerings, according to Auto Meter, are boost pressure, high-pressure oil pump pressure, pyrometer/EGTs and transmission temperature. The other cool thing is that Auto Meter also offers direct-fit A-pillar pods that complement the installation.

Speaking of installation, we took our own Project Cowboy Cadillac down to the folks at Strictly Diesel, in Phoenix, Arizona. They were dying to get their hands on a set of Factory Match gauges.

While you can do the install yourself (if you are handy with wiring), it’s probably best to take it to a shop that installs gauges regularly, because they know all the ins and outs, as well as the time-saving shortcuts.

If you own a Super Duty and are one of those enthusiasts who is detail-oriented and wants things to look as factory as possible inside the truck, take a look at Auto Meter’s new lineup of Factory Match gauges.

 For the DIY Enthusiast …


You CAN do a gauge installation yourself if you have the proper equipment and a basic knowledge of 12-volt wiring. Strictly Diesel offers a DIY kit for customers who purchase gauges. It consists of the gauges themselves, a mounting pod, Strictly Diesel’s own boost gauge installation kit, a wiring kit with all the connectors already installed, and interior match paint to paint the pod.





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