Towing Performance Buyers Guide

October 21st, 2011

Compiled by Matt Emery

Parts to Get You There and Back


When towing a heavily laden trailer, your engine needs all the help it can get. These performance pieces are just some that will give your rig the power it needs to get that trailer over the largest hills and the longest grades.

Bully Dog

Bully Dog Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Triple Dog GT for the ever-popular Duramax diesel engine-equipped 2011 Chevy and GM vehicles. Of important note to the consumer is the fact that the GT does not bypass the DPF filter. The result is an extremely reliable product that produces legal power for the consumer. Bully Dogs’ Daryl Klassen says that his team has worked day and night to produce the best results possible without deleting or bypassing important systems. Also, for those who own a GT manufactured before 1/17/2011, you can update your GT with the new 2011 Duramax tuning free of charge by visiting the Update Agent at

For more information, contact Bully Dog at (940) 783-9914 or visit its website at

Sinister 2010-2011 Dodge 6.7L Cummins EGR Delete Kit

The 2010-2011 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 with 6.7L Cummins EGR Valve / EGR Cooler Delete kit manufactured by Sinister completely replaces the EGR Valve & EGR Cooler. This kit eliminates soot buildup and clogged EGR valves; the coolant temperatures run cooler, because they are not running through the EGR cooler, and the hot exhaust gasses are not being re-routed back into the motor. The coolant re-route hose is included, as are a transmission dipstick, coolant hose bracket and detailed installation instructions. No other parts are required for installation, and Sinister manufactures this kit in-house to ensure the highest quality and fastest shipping.

For more information, contact Sinister at (877) 692-4110 or visit its website at

PPE’s High Flow Exhaust Manifolds and Up Pipes

Made from cast hi-sill moly iron, the PPE High Flow Exhaust Manifolds and Up Pipes act to lower EGTs, reduce drive pressure and accelerate turbo spool-up. Featuring built-in bosses and pre-drilled for an EGT gauge, the units come with Stainless Steel 11-guage, 120-inch wall.

For more information, contact PPE at (714) 985-4825 or visit its website at

aFe 4-inch DPF-Delete Race Exhaust

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance intakes, filters, manifolds, intercoolers and exhaust systems, is pleased to announce the release of its new 4-inch DPF-Delete race exhaust for the 2011 Ford Super Duty with V8-6.7L Power Stroke turbo diesel. The aFe Mach Force XP DPF-Delete race exhaust system eliminates the use of the restrictive diesel particulate filter (DPF) for maximum performance and extreme mileage gains. This free-flowing exhaust system is constructed out of durable 4-inch, mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel and uses bayonet-style hangers and band clamps for a clean installation. This system comes complete with all tubing, muffler, bayonet hangers, band clamps and is finished off with a high-luster, 6-inch, polished 304 stainless steel, rolled, slash cut tip. Part Number 49-43034 (4-inch Exhaust System with Muffler) Retails for $579.

For more information, contact aFe at (951) 493-7155 or visit its website at

dB Performance Cat Back Exhaust Systems

The manufacturer of CORSA premium exhaust systems has introduced dB Performance Exhausts —a new line of complete cat-back systems designed exclusively for late-model trucks. Featuring 409L stainless steel construction and a free-flowing design, dB performance exhausts satisfy truck enthusiasts’ desire for a bold, rugged growl out of the pipe. The exhaust systems are available for the 2004-2009 Ford F-150 and 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks. All dB exhausts are single-side exit systems featuring 12-inch polished, 304L stainless steel tips, but the 2009 Ram 1500 has been designed with a dual rear exit exhaust system option to match some factory packages. Installation hardware and an illustrated installation guide are included with the bolt-on exhaust systems. These dB Systems are available this fall from select performance dealers and distributors nationwide. All dB Performance exhaust systems come with a limited 10-year warranty to the original owner from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.

For more information, contact dB Exhaust at 800.486.0999 or visit its website at

Airaid “MXP” Series Air Box

Airaid’s new intake system for the 2011 6.7L features a “MXP” series one-piece rotational molded air box and modular intake tube that is designed for unrestricted airflow to the engine. Breathing is done through a 1600CFM washable and reusable premium air filter that is available with either SynthaFlow composite or the newest SynthaMax Non-Oiled filtration technology. All AIRAID filters are hand-poured using a special urethane blend that prevents cracking and shrinkage in the most extreme conditions. Dyno testing show increases of 11 horsepower and 73 lb/ft of torque for these hard-working trucks. This new system utilizes OE mounting points, installs in minutes with ordinary hand tools and comes with Airaid’s exclusive “No-Hassle” warranty.

For more information, contact: Airaid Filter Company at (800) 498-6951 or visit its website at

BD Diesels Dual CP3 Pump Kits

Achieving horsepower levels above 500 is often not possible with a single CP3 high-pressure fuel pump with common rail injection systems found on the 2003-2010 Dodge 5.9l/6.7L. The BD Performance Dual CP3 Kit comes complete for an installation of a second CP3 injection pump that, combined with the stock pump, will deliver enough fuel for up to 1,000 rwhp and 28,000 psi of fuel pressure. The pumps are able to respond to higher pressure requested by a tuner and consistent high-volume fuel supply is available for large injectors and extreme levels of power. The two pumps share and supply uniform balanced delivery without any flow disturbances. Kits are available with or without a new second CP3 pump.

For more information, contact BD Diesel Performance at (800) 887-5030 or visit its website at

Detroit Locker Large Truck Lockers

For those driving work trucks, drag trucks or even farm trucks and also want to get 100 percent of their horsepower and traction to the ground, the wait is over—Eaton’s Detroit Locker lockers for large trucks are now available for late-model GM (2001 present) and Dodge (2003 to present) 1-ton and ¾-ton trucks. The Detroit Locker automatically unlocks when wheel speeds are different (as on a turn) but completely locks the axle under power for ultimate traction.

The Detroit Locker needs no maintenance or special additives and has a steel case for maximum durability. Detroit Lockers are used by race and performance enthusiasts for everything from NASCAR to drag racing, rock crawling and mud bogging.

For more information, visit the company’s website at


One of the most important aspects of towing is to get there, and being parked on the side of the road is no fun. The next few pieces will give your rig the ability to make the most of your cooling, whether it is the engine oil, coolant or tranny fluid. All of these next pieces are must-have items for ensuring that you and your rig keep cool, no matter what the outside temps are.

PPE Fan Controller

2010 model year trucks are equipped with an electronic clutch fan, which is controlled by the engine’s computer. The engine computer cannot predict conditions such as an approaching mountain grade or participating in a race event. Engines are also robbed of up to 30 hp when the fan clutch is engaged—power that you might need to get your truck and trailer up and over a steep grade. PPE has the solution with its new Fan Controller. The Fan Controller allows the driver to either leave it in auto mode, or the manual program allows the driver to dial in the amount of fan clutch engagement needed for the conditions, from completely off to fully engaged and anywhere in between. That means that you can turn down the fan clutch when at highway speeds and save fuel. The PPE unit will even take the forgetfulness away, because when engine temps reach 220 degrees, it will go into auto mode.

For more information, contact PPE at (714) 985-4825 or visit its website at

Flex-A-Lite Transmission Cooler

Flex-a-lite’s TransLife transmission oil coolers are now 100 percent made in the USA. The improved design features copper tubes for higher heat-transfer, billet aluminum barbs for more secure hose attachment and high-efficiency turbulators. The coolers range from 9,000 GVW to 26,000 GVW, including a new “rail” cooler and an eight-pass extreme-duty cooler. The newly revised line also offers TransLife coolers factory-fitted with #6AN fittings on a custom-order basis. Tests have proven that a 20-degree drop in oil temperature will double the life of a transmission. A transmission oil cooler is a simple way for users to save big and improve overall transmission performance at the same time.

For more information, contact Flex-a-lite at (800) 851-1510 or visit its website at

TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers

Heat has always been the number 1 cause of premature automatic transmission failure. A new TCI Max-Cool Transmission Cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. Available in four different sizes, the new TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers utilize a special “plate-and-fin” design, which reduces transmission temperatures by 33 percent over tube-style transmission coolers.

For more information, contact TCI at (888) 776-9824 or visit its website at

Sinister Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Coolant Filter Kit

Sinister’s Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Coolant Filter Kit is a bypass-style system that filters a small amount of the coolant on each pass. By using a spin-on filter, they make it easy for you to change your coolant filter at regular intervals. These filters will remove all solid particles. Install a coolant filter in order to extend the longevity of your cooling system components. Typically, you will use three filters in the first nine months, but once the initial nine months have passed, you will only need to change the filter once a year. Included is a coolant filter, ball valves, coolant filter assembly and coolant hoses, as well as all hose clamps and hardware and installation instructions needed for the installation.

For more information, contact Sinister at (877) 692-4110 or visit its website at


There’s always some company making what’s already available even better, and the various fluids that are floating around your rig are no exception. Some will enhance cooling characteristics, while some will extend the life of your oil changes. Others will aid in getting the most bang for your fuel buck.

Be Cool’s Be Coolant

Be Cool has done it again with Be Coolant, an extended-life, super-duty coolant and antifreeze, which is now available in a convenient, easy-to-pour, 5-gallon pail (Part #25005). Be Coolant features a new-generation earth-friendly, biodegradable, propylene glycol formula that protects cooling systems and aluminum components down to 26 degrees below zero (F). Be Coolant provides 300,000 miles of extended-life coolant protection that is ideal for all performance and severe-duty applications. Additionally, Be Coolant features a self-sealing capability that is capable of sealing hairline cracks in aluminum blocks and heads. Be Coolant is made in the USA and is compatible with all colors and brands of coolant and all types of radiators. It comes ready to use in recyclable 1-gallon jugs or 5-gallon pails and can be shipped via UPS. Best of all, Be Coolant doubles the Be Cool radiator’s factory warranty.

For more information, contact Be Cool at (800) 691-2667 or visit its website at

Evans NPG+C

Evans Cooling Systems’ 100% Waterless Coolant, NPG+C combines the benefits of Evans NPG+ and NPGR. NPG+C provides superior cooling protection for all gasoline and light-duty diesel engines, including marine and light aircraft. In conditions ranging from -40°F to 375°F, NPG+C provides cooling protection through constant liquid coolant contact with engine metals. Using NPG+C waterless coolant eliminates water-caused corrosion, electrolysis and cavitation. The corrosion inhibitors of NPG+C are permanently suspended making NPG+C a lifetime coolant. One successful installation provides cooling protection for the life of the engine, reducing maintenance expenses and time. Evans patented formula, NPG+C, has a significantly reduced toxicity, making it a safer product to install. Evans Cooling Systems Inc. makes the only 100 percent waterless engine coolants available.

For more information, contact Evans Cooling at (860) 364-5130 or visit its website at

Flex-a-lite Flex-a-CHILL

Flex-a-lite introduces its first-ever engine-coolant additive. Flex-a-CHILL delivers cooling and protection that reduces the temperature of the cylinder heads without the need of additional coolant gels. It protects your expensive engine parts and radiator from electrolysis that corrodes the parts from the inside out. The formula also contains organic compounds that will prevent contaminates such as calcium and magnesium from developing into scales that clog your cooling system. Flex-a-CHILL is also a “bubble-buster” for the water in your cooling system, providing improved contact. Better contact means better heat transfer by as much as 20 degrees F. Flex-a-CHILL is compatible with all types of antifreeze, and it provides 100 percent corrosion protection with straight water. It utilizes corrosion-inhibitor technology validated by ASTM testing, preventing scale and blockage inside the cooling system. Flex-a-CHILL is environmentally friendly, racetrack surfaced-approved and 100 percent water-soluble, so it leaves no films behind.

For more information, contact Flex-a-lite at (800) 851-1510 or visit its website at

Red Line

Red Line’s Diesel Water Wetter is designed for heavy-duty rigs, so Red Line actually recommends that its regular Water Wetter be used. Water Wetter uses a unique agent that doubles the “wetting” ability of water. This agent improves heat-transfer, reduces cylinder head temp and provides rust and corrosion protection. It’s also compatible with new or used anti-freeze and can even be used in a water-only race situation when the track outlaws regular anti-freeze.

For more information, contact Red Line at (800) 624-7958, or visit its website at

Red Line Diesel Fuel Catalyst

Red Line Diesel Fuel Catalyst is designed for all diesel engines to compensate for the latest low-sulfur fuels. It promotes better fuel combustion and system lubrication while providing faster ignition; it reduces detonation and smoke, improving efficiency. The high-temp detergents clean fuel injectors, while the cetane booster provides added power. One bottle treats up to 100 gallons of fuel.

For more information, contact Red Line at (800) 624-7958, or visit its website at

Truck And Trailer Stuff

Here are a few products that will give your rig a better ability to provide long, trouble-free miles while on the road. Some will provide those long miles, while some are designed to make your trailering chores easier and safer, too.

Transfer Flow 50-Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank

Transfer Flow, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel tank systems, has introduced a 50-gallon replacement fuel tank for the 2011 Ford diesel crew cab, short wheel-base pickup. The 50-gallon replacement fuel tank is made from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior corrosion resistance and strength and is baffled for extra support. It comes with all components needed for installation, including straps and mounting hardware, and is powder-coated black for a durable finish.

For more information, contact Transfer Flow at (530) 893-5209 or visit its website at

Titan 2011 Power Stroke Fuel Tank

Whether you use your truck to make a living or to make living fun, fuel capacity means range—and time and money savings for you. Titan Fuel Tanks is introducing its extra-capacity, extended-range replacement fuel tank for the new 2011Ford crew cab short-bed trucks. This new tank gives Ford owners about double the range (up to as much as 950 miles total) of the truck’s smaller stock tank. The rustproof tank affects ground clearance by only about 1 inch and is installed under the truck in place of the stock tank, giving extra range without taking up extra space in the truck’s bed.

For more information, visit Titan’s website at or contact Titan Fuel Tanks at (208) 522-1325.

MasterCraft Super Duty “XD” Suspension Seat

Long known for tits Baja-winning race seats, MasterCraft is taking that knowledge and applying it to the backsides of anyone with a Ford Super Duty. Designed after the MasterCraft Safety Baja RS suspension seat, the new XD seat is 1 inch wider to take advantage of the generous cabin space in the Super Duty and can comfortably fit up to a 44-inch waist. This new suspension seat meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliance. Made from mandrel-bent and MIG-welded 3/4-inch-diameter and .065-inch-thick tubing and fitted with polyurethane foam, the XD seat mounts directly to your Ford’s factory manual sliders with MasterCraft Safety’s installation kit. It’s offered in four popular color combinations and features nine different positions, from full tilt forward to full recline. Additional seat options include heating elements for cold climates, heavy-duty seat-back zipper pockets, and available Schukra lumbar support.

For more information, visit MasterCraft’s website at, or contact MasterCraft at (800) 565-4042.

Hellwig Products Sway Bars for the 2011 Super Duty

Hellwig is proud to release its new front and rear sway bars for the 2011 4WD Super Duty. These bars are more than a match for the heavy-duty power of the latest Ford Super Duty. They feature high clearance mounts, provide a better off-road experience. Hellwig sway bars are made from heat-treated 4140 chrome moly steel to stand up to anything on the road or off it. The rear sway bar has shorter arms that offer more sway control with a smaller bar diameter. The sway bars are powder-coated in silver vein hammertone and all mounting components are powder-coated semi-gloss black. The front Sway bar part number is 7712 and the rear sway bar part number is 7714.

For more information, contact Hellwig at (800) 367-5480 or at

Firestone/Ride Rite

Firestone Industrial Products Company has introduced a new product designed to convert the Dodge Ram 1500 coil spring suspension into a full air suspension to deliver higher leveling capacity and improved ride quality. The 2009-2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Coil to Air Conversion System, (PN W21 760 2518) is a no-drill kit designed to completely replace the factory coil spring with an air spring, therefore converting the rear suspension to an Airide suspension. Firestone’s full-air conversion provides a higher leveling capacity—up to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the vehicle—than traditional systems while smoothing the vehicle’s ride. Firestone’s system also allows for easy loading and trailer attachment, thanks to the system’s capability for a 6-inch kneel at the hitch by “dumping” air from the springs. The kneeling feature is controlled by an in-cab switch. The Dodge Ram Coil to Air Conversion kit includes all the components necessary for installation. The kit comes with a two-year limited warranty and has an MSRP of $1,599. Firestone offers a line of complete suspension solutions that includes Ride-Rite, Sport-Rite, Coil-Rite and Level-Rite air-helper springs; Work-Rite load-assist springs; and the R4Tech hybrid air/leaf suspension system.

For more information, visit Firestone’s website at

Hidden Hitch

Cequent Performance Products’ Hidden Hitch brand will carry an increased capability for tongue weight ratings on all new receiver hitches, class III and above. The increased capacity will also be extended to selected existing receiver hitches. The Hidden Hitch improvements have created a new standard for supported tongue weight, raising the capacity to 15 percent of GTW (1,125 pounds)—a 50 percent improvement. The first hitch application achieving the boost in capacity is a hitch designed for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks (PN 87430) for model years 2001 to 2011. It is on and is available now. Built for life, the Hidden Hitch brand has always provided high-quality products. The first Hidden Hitch product debuted more than four decades ago.

For more information, contact Hidden Hitch at (800) 632-3290 or visit its website at

Premier Trailer Towing Prods Diversi-Tech Ball Swappers

Premier Trailer Towing Products announces the release of a Ball Swappers upgrade for Diversi-Tech ALBM and STBM series adjustable ball mounts. The patented stainless steel interchangeable trailer ball system is now paired with vertically adjustable ball mounts and makes for the most versatile towing system available. The Diversi-Tech ball mounts are available in four sizes: 4-inch drop, 6-inch drop, 8-inch drop and 10-inch drop. The Ball Swappers system with 1 7/8-inch, 2-inch and 2 5/16-inch balls with a capacity up to 12,000 pounds are made from stainless steel. With this pairing, we now have the most compact and lightweight package available with vertical adjustment and three ball sizes. This system will fit behind the seat of a regular cab pickup. In addition, this product won the prestigious International Media Award at the 2010 SEMA show.

For more information, contact Premier Trailer Towing Products at (507) 369-6013 or visit its website at

3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film

3M, a leader in aftermarket automotive care, offers a series of paint protection films to suit a variety of car needs for everyone from avid enthusiasts to cash-conscious consumers. Its VentureShield film can be perfect not only for the paint on your vehicle, but what about the leading edge of your trailer, as well? Are rocks being tossed up by your rear tires and causing damage to your trailer’s paint? Available in 60-inch widths, the 3M material is stretchable and is easy to install, significantly reduces paint chips and bug damage, and is guaranteed by a 5-year limited warranty. 3M even has a line that called “Scotchprint” that is colored. If you want to add racing stripes to your truck or trailer, it’s as simple as applying Scotchprint to the vehicle.

For more information, visit #M’ website at

Slime Truck Spair Repair Kits

Getting stuck on the road with a flat tire can ruin a good drive, so the best thing to do is keep a flat tire repair kit in your vehicle. Accessories Marketing, Inc. (AMI), creator and manufacturer of Slime sealant, has created the Slime Truck Spair Kit for most trucks and the Slime Power Spair Kit to use with a variety of tires. The Truck Spair Kit includes a heavy-duty tire inflator and a 24-ounce bottle of sealant for a quick and easy solution for emergency tire repair. You can even use the tire inflator alone in order to maintain proper tire pressure. With the Slime Truck Spair Kit, you can temporarily fix your flat tire in about 15 minutes, get back on the road and find some place to get your tire repaired permanently. The kits come in 16- and a 48-piece offerings and have everything from bottles of Slime to heavy-duty powerful 12V tire inflators, 16-foot coiled air hose and a 10-piece Tire Tackle kit containing valve cores, key valve core removal tool, and valve caps and gauges. Slime Tire Sealant, which uses Fibro-Seal technology, is easy to use, works repeatedly, cleans up with water and lasts for up to two years. It is nonaerosol, and includes rust and corrosion inhibitors.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

Livorsi’s Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Bar Mount

Made from billet aluminum, Livorsi’s Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Bar Mount keeps fire extinguishers within easy reach. Perfect for marine, automotive or off-road applications, this bar mount and its adjustable clamp securely fit 1 ½-inch, 1 ¾-inch and 2-inch roll bars or other tubing. Livorsi also offers a flat mount for use on panels or other flat surfaces. Both mounts feature a quick-release pin for fast detachment in case of an emergency. Billet mounts have an interior diameter of 3 inches and accommodate the company’s 2 ½-pound fire extinguisher. The black powder-coat finish is resistant to corrosion and fading from UV rays. Livorsi even offers the extinguisher, although the two are sold separately.

For more information, contact Livorsi Marine at (847) 752-2700 or visit its website at

Pans and Covers

Larger-than-stock transmission and differential cover pans are paramount for those who will be towing. They provide more fluid capabilities while providing improved cooling properties for that extra fluid. And for those who like to tow their toys to the great outdoors, they provide increased protection to the tranny and diffs as compared to stock units.


ATS High Capacity Aluminum Transmission Pans are cast and machined in the USA to be the strongest covers available for Dodge/Ford/GM trucks. They provide both form and function. Fluid capacity is increased by 5 quarts over the stock pan, and heat reduction is provided via the integrated heat sink. Powder coating locks out moisture and keeps these covers looking great. The pans feature a large, 1-inch magnetic drain plug. This quick bolt-on part is a great way to give a truck a distinctive look while upgrading performance and reliability, as well as providing a measure of protection against impacts. ATS supplies everything needed to quickly install the pan onto the truck.

For more information, contact ATS Diesel Performance at (866) 230-4089 or visit its website at

BD Diesel

For BD Diesel, it’s all about high volumes of cool oil equating to long transmission life. BD’s transmission pans offer a much-needed increase oil capacity, while their aluminum construction and heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down. As an added bonus, the pan’s increased rigidity prevents case-twisting. The kit includes a magnetic drain plug and temperature sending unit port. The kits are available for Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet diesel pickups.

For more information, contact BD Diesel Performance at (800) 887-5030 or visit its website at


Mag-Hytec’s heavy-duty differential covers provide increased lubricant and cooling capacity for hard-working recreational and service vehicles. Mag-Hytec covers set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function. They are cast in A356-T6 aluminum and texture powder-coated black with machined cooling fins. Magnetic drain plugs trap worn gear material, promoting fluid integrity. Each unit is fitted with ARP 568 O-rings for superior sealing. All hardware is 303 stainless steel, and in most applications, no gasket or sealant is required. All Mag-Hytec products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty to the original owner against defects in parts and workmanship. O-rings are covered for five years. Mag-Hytec has applications for all major manufacturers and models.

For more information, contact Mag-Hytec at (818) 786-8325 or visit its website at


PML manufactures sand-cast aluminum transmission pans for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep and Hummer diesel trucks and SUVs. According to PML, customers have reported a 20-to-30-degree drop in fluid temperatures and added that a 2003 Dodge 3500 HD Cummins with PML’s 48RE transmission pan pulled a 38-foot fifth-wheel RV from Iowa to Florida—and their transmission fluid temperatures read an average of 170 degrees F at 65-to-70 mph. The top-quality sand-cast aluminum construction features raised-pattern cooling fins and increased lubricant capacity for optimal cooling. Its thick wall and flange design provide increase strength, and the machined mating surface is a non-O-ring for easy, quick installation and leak-proof sealing. It’s also possible to do routine fluid maintenance without removing the cover or pan, and the magnetic drain plug helps to keep filings out of the fluid. All mounting hardware is provided, and PML offers a large selection and choice of finishes.

For more information, contact PML at (310) 671-4345 or visit its website at


This pan is designed for 2001-2011 Allison 1000-series transmissions. Cast with an aluminum alloy, the pan has deep (¾-inch) external cooling fins with flow-through channels that dissipate heat into passing airflow. Robust side ribs provide additional strength. It is drilled and tapped for ¼-inch NPT and 1/8-inch NPT temperature gauge probe access ports. The kit includes a PPE Low Profile Pan, filter adapter, installation hardware, gauge sensor port plugs and 1-inch-diameter stainless steel drain plug. Drain plug features include a large 17mm hex head, powerful Neodymium magnet (which attracts and holds harmful ferrous metals) and a re-usable VITON O-ring. Also included are 12 new Allen head bolts and washers to make installation easy. Available finishes include raw, brushed, black and polished.

For more information, contact Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) at (714) 985-4825 or visit its website at

Strictly Diesel

Strictly Diesel offers custom differential covers with its popular Longhorn Bull logo. These high-quality covers are cast in A356 aluminum and heat-treated to T6 (aircraft quality) standards. Strictly Diesel differential covers are available for popular Ford, GM and Dodge applications and feature higher fluid capacity than stock, as well as a magnetic drain plug. All the necessary installation hardware comes with each cover, making installation an easy proposition.

For more information, contact Strictly Diesel at (623) 582-4404 or visit its website at

aFe New Rear Differential Cover

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance intakes, filters, manifolds and exhaust systems, is pleased to announce the release of its new rear differential cover for the popular 03-10 Dodge Ram Cummins and 01-10 GM Duramax trucks, part number 46-70011 (black fins) and 46-70012 (machined fins). aFe Power’s new rear differential cover brings performance engineering to the protection of your truck’s rear end. The cover has a 5-quart lube capacity (a factory cover holds 4 quarts), a magnetic drain plug and magnetic-tipped fill plug for maximum rear end protection. Exclusive internal and external fins transfer heat from the fluid to the outside air for maximum cooling. aFe has also designed a large oil level site glass with calibration plug set to the factory fluid level to eliminate overfilling. This differential cover is constructed out of durable die-cast A380-T6 aluminum with a wrinkle black powder-coating for maximum strength and style. Part Number 46-70011 and 46-70012 each retail for around $288.

For more information, contact aFe at (951) 493-7155 or visit its website at

ATS Protector Line

ATS differential covers are designed to increase fluid capacity while providing the ultimate in strength. ATS Protector differential covers are cast and machined to be the strongest covers available for Dodge/Ford/GM trucks. They provide both form and function. Fluid capacity for the differential gear assembly is increased at least 2.5 quarts, and heat-reduction is provided via the integrated heat sink. Powder coating locks out moisture and keeps these covers looking great. The Protector Line features large magnetic drain plugs and easy fill points for simple servicing and peace of mind, (as well as a temperature probe port, depending on the model). This quick bolt-on part is a great way to give a truck a distinctive look while upgrading performance and reliability, increasing rear axle rigidity and protecting against impacts.

For more information, contact ATS Diesel Performance at (866) 230-4089 or visit its website at

Outlaw Differential Covers

ODC uses a low-pressure casting method to produce a high-quality yet lightweight aluminum product. Each ODC cover features heavy-duty construction, providing superior heat-dissipation and increased lubrication. This allows Outlaw to create new styles of durable and efficient differential covers. Each Outlaw differential cover includes all-stainless steel hardware and a magnetic drain plug for oil changes without removing the cover and is available in three finishes: painted black, sand-blasted or polished.

For more information, contact Outlaw Differential Covers at (714) 533-3286 or visit its website at

PPE Front Differential Cover

PPE’s latest item is the Front Differential Cover for 2011+ Chevy and GMC 2500HD/3500HD GM 9.25 IFS. It is also compatible with factory suspension systems and most aftermarket anti-sway bars. Cast from A356-T6 aluminum alloy, the increased surface area consists of external cooling fins (1/4 inch) and features an internal heatsink (5/8 inch). The increased surface area lends itself to greater heat-dissipation while working with the increased capacity of .75 quarts over stock. The PPE cover showcases a 1-inch fill plug housing a powerful Neodymium magnet to attract and hold harmful ferrous metals—all while retaining the use of the original high-quality gasket. Available finishes include raw, brushed, black and polished.

For more information, contact Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) at (714) 985-4825 or visit its website at

This is in the October 2011 issue.

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