Ford Oval Blues

December 29th, 2009

I’m glad to see your magazine on the rack and more people promoting DIESELS! I agree the future looks great.

Hello John,

I’m glad to see your magazine on the rack and more people promoting DIESELS! I agree the future looks great.

I’ve had Kubota diesel tractors since the 1970s, an ’80s Rabbit diesel, ’90s Dodge Cummins diesel, Ford 2000 7.3-liter and now the WORST, a 2004 Ford 6.0-liter Power Stroke in a Super Duty F-350.

No one should be upgrading these engines until the 6.0L works as offered. There have been 77 TSBs and thousands of consumer complaints on these engines.

I’ve had my turbo hose expand, causing a clamp failure and exhaust leaks, rear cam seal sensor failure causing oil leaks, O-ring failure on glow plugs causing oil leaks, EGR oil cooler gasket failure causing oil leaks, air intake gasket failure causing loss of power, water separator housing failure causing fuel leaks, EBP sensor failure, cracked exhaust manifold, and the EGR Valve failure which caused the truck to shut down and be towed, plus had three recalls done. These all occurred between 34-49K miles.

Ford does advertise the Super Duty 6.0L as, “V8 engine designed to meet customer expectations of high horsepower and torque with exceptional fuel economy and low NVH. It must do this while meeting the tough emissions standards set by the EPA and CARB.”

In my opinion Ford needs to get better customer support for the 6.0L diesels owners.

Thank you,
Gus Mueller
Sloansville, New York

We talked to a Ford rep we know off the record, so we can confirm Ford is aware they have some work to do when it comes to making the 6-liter as popular with enthusiasts as the 7.3. Just coincidentally, in this issue you’ll see the first installment of our project F-350. It’s equipped with-you guessed it-a 6-liter diesel. At this point, we have just 7100 miles on the truck, which has been lightly modified for use as a tow vehicle. For what it’s worth-and we know it’s early-we’re still not experiencing anything unusual. Be sure to check out our News section too so you can read about Ford offering loyalty incentives to owners of the ’03 and ’04 Super Duty trucks with the 6.0-liter Power Stroke.



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