Big Power Highlights the Annual Dyno Extravaganza

March 18th, 2011

By J.S. Hansen

Photography: J. S. Hansen

Industrial Injection’s annual Dyno Day brought out some heavy hitter from all across the West.

For their second year in a row Industrial Injection held their famous dyno event, bringing in some of the highest horsepower trucks in the western region. With some aggressive advertising and good old fashioned word-of-mouth, the folks at Industrial were able to make this event even bigger and better than the last. With two dynos on site, they were able to test over 50 trucks, most of which were in the mid 400 horsepower plus range, which lends credence to the belief the diesel aftermarket industry is still alive and strong in the central Utah area.

Industrial Injection had the classes divided up to 4 divisions, Stock Turbo, Single Turbo, Twin Turbo, and Open. With two dynos on hand, they were able to run all Stock and Single Turbo trucks on their in-house DynoJet while All of the Twin Turbo and Open Class trucks were run on Custom Auto’s (Idaho Falls, ID) portable SuperFlow load cell dyno. Running a complete class on one specific dyno offered the best competition for all the competitors. It also allowed for Industrial to make the event go quicker and more smooth;ly, keeping the tires and smoke rolling for most of the day. An on-site BBQ and vendor booths helped keep the spectators and competitors busy between the dyno action as well.

With 29 Cummins powered trucks entered, it’s safe to say the Utah area is Dodge country. But that’s no reason to count out the Ford and GM owners that attended. All four of the Power Stroke equipped trucks were over the 500hp mark and the Duramax crowd was able to take home bragging rights for the day thanks to Dmitri Millard’s 2001 LB7  setting a new diesel horsepower record with a neck-snapping 1702 rear-wheel horsepower. Thanks to a rather large staged turbo setup, massive injectors and a couple stages of nitrous, Millard took home the top spot by more than 500hp over the next closest competitor. Other GM notables were Custom Auto’s 1165hp run from their lifted 2008 LMM and Kenneth Donkersgoeds stock turbo LBZ power plant putting down 530hp.

Leading the Cummins crowd was Johnny Curtis in his 2005 twin turbo nitrous assisted Common Rail at 1109hp. Robert Evans took highest fuel only Cummins numbers with an impressive 1052hp and Jared Bristol joined the 1000hp fuel only Cummins club with his 2005 Triple Turbo Common Rail. Highest single turbo Dodge numbers went to Bullydogs latest race truck project at 902hp and the best 12V Cummins horsepower numbers came from Kortney Neifeneeger with an 852hp showing.

The local Ford crowd came to prove they could compete with the big dogs as well, taking both first and second place in the stock turbo class were two 6.4L power Stroke trucks. Highest going to Cody Malan putting down 587hp and Zac Gibson coming in close behind at 555hp. The 1999 F250 owned by Jacob White brought the most Ford power to the show with a remarkable 1018hp out of his single turboed nitrous injected 7.3L Power Stroke, making it one of few Power Strokes in the country able to crest the 4-digit horsepower mark.

Overall the folks at Industrial Injection put on one heck of an event, bringing out some of the strongest running trucks in the country to compete. For more information on the event or about Industrial Injections products, visit


Dmitri Millard 2001 LB7 Duramax 1702hp
Custom Auto 2008 LMM Duramax 1165hp
Johnny Curtis 2005 CR Cummins 1109hp
Jacob White 1999 7.3L Power Stroke 1018hp
Robert Evans 2005 CR Cummins 1052hp
Jared Bristol 2005 CR Cummins 1001hp
Gene Touringeau 2005 CR Cummins 869hp
Kortney Neifenegger 1996 12V Cummins 852hp
Monte Meyers 2005 CR Cummins 816hp
Lance Croft 2004 CR Cummins 762hp
Kord Brown 2001 24V Cummins 744hp
Aden McDonnell 2005 Ford Cummins 731hp
Derek Powell 2006 LBZ Duramax 657hp
Scott Matheny 2008 CR Cummins 650hp
Collin Kaluzny 1996 12V Cummins 433hp
Bully Dog 2007 CR Cummins 906hp
Todd Reinert 2006 CR Cummins 735hp
Tom Hansen 2005 CR Cummins 703hp
Erik Stone 2000 24V Cummins 682hp
Webster 2003 CR Cummins 673hp
Robert Smith 2005 CR Cummins 645hp
Jerry Barton 2005 CR Cummins 634hp
John Jenkins 2001 24V Cummins 591hp
Trevor Neifenegger 2000 24V Cummins 570hp
Jose Miguel 2001 24V Cummins 565hp
Jon Hubbart 2005 CR Cummins 564hp
Kylie Bone 2000 24V Cummins 521hp
Richard Scott 2000 7.3L Power Stroke 519hp
Mackensie Haynes 2000 24V Cummins 506hp
Zachary Holtkamp 2001 24V Cummins 500hp
Jeremy Evans 1993 12V Cummins 339hp
Cody Malan 2008 6.4L Power Stroke 587hp
Zac Gibson 2010 6.4L Power Stroke 555hp
Kenneth Donkersgoed 2006 LBZ Duramax 530hp
Dustin Boyd 2006 CR Cummins 520hp
Gabe Salazar 2010 LMM Duramax 516hp
Robert Van Otten 2008 LMM Duramax 494hp
Chance Barton 2007 LBZ Duramax 493hp
Lynn Warbuton 2006 LBZ Duramax 492hp
Kendall Evans 2006 CR Cummins 461hp
Kyle Palmateer 2007 CR Cummins 457hp
Spencer Frost 1994 12V Cummins 456hp
Zach Van Wormer 2004 CR Cummins 445hp
Griffin Harris 2008 CR Cummins 444hp
Ben Coffle 2007 CR Cummins 427hp
Rory Krone 1998 24V Cummins 419hp
David Peck 2003 CR Cummins 383hp
Jesse Taylor 1999 24V Cummins 380hp
Quincy Lewis 2002 24V Cummins 372hp
Zachary Aghbashian 2001 24V Cummins 269hp
Shawn Baca 1992 12V Cummins 263hp

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