NADM Texas Diesel Roundup

May 10th, 2011

Text and Photos by Kevin Wilson

The old saying “Everything is Bigger in Texas” may or may not be true, but in the case of NADM’s Texas Diesel Roundup, this year’s event was most definitely bigger than the inaugural held last year. Nearly 3,500 fans packed the “Concrete Palace,” as Dallas Raceway is known, to see a full day of side-by-side diesel drag racing and sled pulling.

The event had all of NADM’s usual markers of success, including a full manufacturer’s midway, quality trucks in the Show and Shine competition and a parking lot full of diesel enthusiasts who were on hand to enjoy a day of diesel under sunny October Texas skies.

The Diesel Roundup started Friday night with a test and tune session and informal barbecue. Enthusiasts and racers gathered bright and early on Saturday for a full day of competition, as approximately 105 competitors lined up for either drag racing or sled pulling. The event had a huge turnout in the ET drag-racing class with a field of more than 50 trucks attempting to race their way into the finals, which were held late in the afternoon after the sled-pulling competition.

Also on hand was the AirDog monster truck, which got a lot of attention from the kids, and sled pullers from all across the country looking to wrap up the 2010 season in style. For more information on next year’s NADM Texas Diesel Roundup or any of NADM’s diesel events, visit

Vendor List:
Dr. Performance
Dave’s Diesel
High Tech Turbo
Valair Clutch Wounded Warrior

South Bend Clutch
Industrial Injection
XDP – Xtreme Diesel Performance
High Tech Turbo
Diesel Rx
Diesel World Magazine
Snow Performance
Diesel Bombers

Sled Pulling Results:

Work Stock:
1. Jeremiah Peck – Dodge – 309.49 ft.
2. Paul Harris – GMC – 308.69 ft.
3. Shawn Braun – Chevy – 257.86 ft.
4. Chad Dix- Chevy – 240.99 ft.

2.6 Street Diesel:
1. Gary Woodward – Dodge – 390.04 ft.
2. Alan Dincans – Dodge – 377.07 ft.
3. Joey Lindley – Dodge – 374.38 ft.
4. Nick Almager – GMC – 351.39 ft.
5. Gary Wolf -Dodge – 350.33 ft.
6. Rein Posthummus – Dodge – 346.1 ft.
7. Daniel Rice – Dodge – 335.40 ft.
8. Jeremiah Peck – Dodge – 273.14 ft.
9. Dan Barmis – Dodge – 160.02 ft.
10. Cade Piper – Dodge – 68.41 ft.

2.8 Street Diesel:
1. Gary Woodward – Dodge – 318.09 ft.
2. Gary Wolf – Dodge – 277.93 ft.
3. Jeremy Bales – Dodge – 269.89 ft.
4. Entee Sublett – Ford – 265.84 ft.

5. Preston Collins – Dodge – 255.70 ft.
6. David Beyer – Dodge – 247.81 ft.
7. Gary Wolf – Dodge – 242.5 ft.
8. Alan Dincans – Dodge – 239.51 ft.
9. Kip O’Reilly – Dodge – 233.39 ft.
10. Alex Laughlin – Chevy – 233.36 ft.
11. Dan Barmis – Dodge – 228.40 ft.
12. Joe Kupferschmid – Dodge – 162.20 ft.

Super Street:
1. Rick Smith – Chevy – 261.29 ft.
2. Gary Wolf – Dodge – 209.96 ft.
3. Milton Dittert – Dodge – 189.89 ft.
4. Chris Boerm – Dodge – 92.20 ft.

Drag Racing Winners

1st - David Venuto
2nd – Brad Cadena

Quick Diesel
1st – Chris Perales
2nd – Brandon Hartman

1st – Max Kirtley
2nd – Jim Jones

Budget Blaster

Who says you can’t go racing on budget? While cruising the pits, we found this late-model Chevy work truck fitted with a 12-valve Cummins. The truck also sported a host of “custom” modifications, including trick home-made sheet-metal wheel tubs and an exhaust stack that was either lifted from heavy equipment or someone’s wood-burning stove.

The Sixth Floor Museum is located in the Old Texas Book Depository in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

While You’re in Dallas….

Located in the Old Texas Book Depository, on the same floor where Lee Harvey Oswald presumably fired the fatal shots on November 22, 1963, that killed President John F. Kennedy, the Sixth Floor Museum documents the life and death of one of the most revered presidents in American history. The museum is located in Dealey Plaza and the entire floor features the permanent exhibit “John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation,” which details the life, death and legacy of our 35th President. The museum features films, television footage and hundreds of photographs, including those famous images captured on that fateful day. It’s a must-see for any visitor to Dallas. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes. For more information, visit

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