The 2011 Dog Days Dyno Challenge

November 13th, 2011

Text and Photos by Matt Emery

On July 9, 2011, Bully Dog threw open its doors and access to the dyno at its American Falls, Idaho, headquarters for this year’s installment of the company’s Dog Days Dyno Challenge.

The dyno challenge actually began years ago as a way to entertain retailers who had come to Bully Dog’s HQ for training sessions on how to use and sell the various Bully Dog products.

After a long day of learning about everything Bully Dog, the “students” would be able to chain their own vehicles onto the Bully Dog dyno to see who had the most power. From that good-natured beginning, the Dog Days Dyno Challenge has turned serious for some, providing a venue at which anyone who wants to can put his truck up against all comers.

This year, 35 attendees put their diesels up against the best that the region had to offer. In fact, many of those who entered came from the surrounding states, so the turnout was truly varied. Representatives from many major shops were also there to put their shop trucks/test mules through the wringer.

Chad Hall had his 2006 Chevy blowing big smoke and making big numbers on his way to victory with a run of 1,129 hp and 1,625 lb/ft of torque.

The day began early, with contenders lined up by 7 a.m. The pulling began an hour later. The crowd really got into it, and the grandstands gave everybody a comfortable place to view the proceedings—when they could see, that is. A few of the trucks put out so much black smoke during their runs that it was hard to see for a few minutes. However, that only added to the fun.

Putting up the biggest numbers was the 2006 Chevrolet from Alligator Diesel Performance. Driven by ADP owner Chad Hall, the Duramax led the pack with a run of 1,129 hp and 1,625 lb/ft of torque.

Bully Dog began registering entrants at 7 a.m., and people were already lined up, waiting to get at the dyno.

But the end of the dyno didn’t mean the end of the day. Bully Dog has a loose association with the Rocky Mountain Pullers Association, which had a sled pull event scheduled for later that evening at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds, in nearby Blackfoot, Idaho.

Once the gassers were done with the sled, the diesel trucks, many of which had been at the dyno earlier in the day, were ready to be hooked up. There was a good crowd filling the stands that was ready for action.

The diesel pullers didn’t disappoint. Despite a cold wind blowing straight down the track, the trucks pulled straight and true—and a few of them, long.

There were three classes: Stock, Modified and Super Modified. Mike Hodge topped the Stock Diesel class with a full pull of 309 feet. Jeremy Richman took Modified Diesel honors with a pull of 231 feet and even pulling the big sled. Cam Hulse handled the Super Modified class with a pull of 184.1 feet.

When the pulls were over, the Bully Dog Dog Days fun was over for another year. We had a great time and, in speaking with many of those in attendance, we know they had a great time, too.

For those of you who have never been to Idaho, it’s a very nice place to visit during the late spring/early summer.

We want to thank the crew at Bully Dog for putting on a great event and to the Rocky Mountain Pullers Association for extending us every courtesy.

Results: 2011 Dog Days Dyno Challenge


Chad Hall

2006 Chevy

1,129 hp; 1,625 lb/ft torque


Custom Auto

2001 Chevy

1,095 hp; 1,677 lb/ft torque


Alex Klassen

2008 Ford

1,003 hp


Tom Wood

2007 Dodge

940 hp


Bobby Ezell

2005 Dodge

846 hp; 1,475 lb/ft torque


Colby Hulse

2004 Chevy

828 hp; 1,455 lb/ft torque


William Klassen

2008 Ford

706 hp


Tyler Lucas

1994 Dodge

672 hp


Greg Lance

2004 Ford/Cummins

635 hp; 1,147 lb/ft torque


John Walker

2008 Ford

616 hp; 1,316 lb/ft torque

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