Weekend on the Edge

December 25th, 2011

Text By Ron Knoch

Photos courtesy of Edge Products

NADM Hosts 9th Annual Event

One of the few “old-school” events that has survived for any length of time is Weekend on the Edge, which has been held in Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah, for approximately nine years. The event is hallmarked by an evening of drag racing at Rocky Mountain Raceway, just outside Salt Lake City, followed by a full open house and dyno day the next day at Edge Products, in Ogden. More recently, a sled pull had been added to make Weekend on the Edge a true diesel triathlon.

Three years ago, the National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM) took over the Friday-night drag racing portion of the event at Rocky to form a true, diesel-only night of competition in hopes of attracting more diesel competitors. And for the past two years, NADM added diesel-only sled pulling to the agenda. This takes place on Saturday night at Ogden’s Pioneer Stadium, just down the road from Edge’s facility.

Each year, the event has attracted more and more diesels from the area and from as far away as the west coast, Minnesota and Canada. This year, more than 95 trucks competed in the drag racing portion of the event, while more than 75 trucks pulled at the stadium in front of a crowd of about 3,500 fans. Approximately 4,000 fans were on hand at the drag strip, according to NADM.

Three PPE Series drag racing classes were run at the drag strip, including ET bracket racing, Quick Diesel, which is a 12.0 index, and Unlimited Diesel in heads-up, go-as-fast-as-you-can competition.

The track also featured a great vendor alley, which was full of people the entire night. Among those on hand with displays were Edge, Industrial Injection, Flo Pro Exhaust, FASS, ATS, Addicted Diesel, High Tech Turbo and Wide Open Performance.

Saturday morning, the diesel faithful headed up the road to the Edge facility for the dyno day that was put on by Edge Products, K&N and Premier Performance. Hundreds of diesel trucks made passes on Edge’s state-of-the-art chassis dynos. The Edge folks also put on quite a lunch spread, which is customary. The activities ran well into the afternoon, while local diesel shops displayed their products.

Just a mile or so from the Edge facility, the Saturday-evening sled pulling event took place at Pioneer Stadium. Being a rodeo arena doesn’t exactly make for a very good pulling track, but the prep crew from United Truck and Tractor Pullers did a great job of making it a competitive pulling surface. They also provided the sled and crew to help the NADM crew put on a show of more than 75 trucks and one tractor that competed in front of 3,500 people. The pulling lasted until 10:30 p.m., with the crowd staying in their seats the entire night to watch the high-powered diesel pickups pull down the track.

The weekend was a success for NADM/DIESEL Motorsports, and Rocky Mountain Raceway, along with local companies, want to make this weekend diesel event even larger next year by offering bigger purses, larger venue and more diesel trucks from all over the country to attend the event.

For more information on next year’s event, visit www.runnadm.com or www.DIESELmotorsports.US.

NADM Weekend on the Edge Winners

PPE Drag Racing Friday night at Rocky Mountain Raceway

ET Bracket Class

1st Place            Chris Kendall,            Rock Springs, WY            15.00            14.99            @91.00 mph

2nd Place            Karl Matin            Riverton, UT            16.13            16.10            @82.66 mph

Quick Diesel New Era Diesel Class

1st Place            Lynn Ross            Marblehead, OH            12.14            @103.92 mph

2nd Place            Jason Hurt            North Ogden, UT            12.62            @115.26 mpg


1st Place            Dimitri Millard            Highland, ID            10.30            @133.13 mph

2nd Place            Josh Gruvs            Zimmerman MN            10.51            @131.63 mph

Dyno Day Winners

Highest Horsepower Overall 1st: Custom Auto 2001 GM, 1,356.9 HP 2,173.8 TQ

Highest Horsepower Overall 2nd: Alligator Performance 2006 GM, 1,099 HP 1,852 TQ

Highest Horsepower Overall 3rd: Johnny Curtice, 2005 Dodge, 879 HP 1,326.9 TQ

Highest Horsepower for Dodge 1st: Lance Croft, 2004 Dodge, 840.4 hp 1,588.7 TQ

Highest Horsepower for Ford 1st: Houston Denter, 2010 Ford, 563.5 hp 1,169 TQ

Highest Horsepower for GM 1st: Zach Fuller, 2005 GM, 842.6 hp 1,468.1 TQ

Highest Horsepower Cummins 1st: Greg Lance, 2002 Ford SD/Cummins Engine 679.6 hp 1,306.8 TQ

Highest Horsepower on Diesel Only: Alligator Performance 2006 GM, 1,026 hp 1,654 TQ

PPE Sled Pulling Saturday Night Pioneer Stadium

Modified Class

1st Ken Jones            Ogden, UT            288.8 ft.

2nd Terry Thain            North Logan, UT            272.1 ft.

3rd Jason Stott            Rock Springs, WY            269.6 ft.

4th Russ Presscott            Ogden, UT            250.1 ft.

5th Joel Carlson            Lehi, UT            239.6 ft.

Super Street

1st Jefferson Broady            Divide, CO            282.3 ft.

2nd Todd Reinert            Pinedale, WY            260.5 ft.

3rd Jeremy Neff            Elko, NV            256.7 ft.

4th Zach Fuller            Grantsville, VT            255.11 ft.

5th Jason Hurt            Ogden, UT            255.1 ft.

3.0 Premier Performance Class

1st Tom Hansen            Grantsville, UT            271.3 ft.

2nd Rowdy Bydalek            Fort Lupton, CO            268.1 ft.

3rd Todd Reinert            Pinedale, WY            265.3 ft.

4th Ryan Thain            Benson, UT            260.8 ft.

5th Chris Vorhees            Lakewood, CO            256.2 ft.

2.6 Industrial Injection Class

1st Rowdy Bydalek            Fort Lupton, CO            269.9 ft.

2nd Chris Vorhees            Lakewood, CO            266.4 ft.

3rd Tom Hansen            Grantsville, UT            265.9 ft.

4th Ryan Thain            Benson, UT            260.4 ft.

5th Wade Fausett            Spanish Fork, UT            247.10 ft.

Workstock Class

1st Chris Kendall            Rock Springs, WY            286.4 ft.

2nd Chris Stecklein            Idaho Falls, ID            280.9 ft. (tie)

2nd Sean Garn            Fielding, UT            280.9 ft. (tie)

3rd Matt Martinez            Plain City, UT            280.7 ft.

4th Andrew Vigil            Big Piney, WY            275.11 ft.

5th Weylin Richards            Wellsville, UT            274.3 ft.

Sled and crew provided by United Truck Tractor Pullers

Event Sponsors

Edge Products


Premier Performance


NADM National Sponsors

PPE Series Sponsor

Flo Pro Exhaust

Industrial Injection

High Tech Turbo

Premier Performance



South Bend Clutch

Edge Products

New Era Diesel

Champion Blue Flame Diesel Oil




System 1

Bully Dog


Mickey Thompson

Pure Diesel Power.com

Victor Reinz


Stainless Steel Brake Corporation

Check out the current issue of Diesel World Magazine that includes coverage of Weekend on the Edge and lots, lots more.

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