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M –52
Galesburg, Illinois
United States


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Winter Blahs

By donman

Sitting hear in the middle of winter, snow and salt on the ground. I haven't had the car out in over a month...Last year, 2014, was pretty eventful. I got the TA Dyno tuned and put down 381Hp to the rear tires.

I also took it to the strip and racing on street tires ran a 12.575 for my best pass. Traction was a problem and also my 2-3 shift sat on the rev limiter for a while.

Hopefully this year is some tweaking on drivability and also have the shifting looked at by the tuner..

Can't wait for spring.

Wow it has been a long time

By donman

Since my last post, major changes to the TA. This last month I installed the GM Performance Parts ASA cam and a Revmax 3600 Stall Converter. Add in a transmission cooler and new filter while I had the pan down on the transmission. Replaced the stock transmission cooler since it was leaking with an after market unit and finally the water pump also...Sent the computer in to get a mail order tune and fired it up. It still has some learning to do but sounds freaking awesome...

I bought the cam over four years ago and collected the parts as I had money. so it all came together a couple of months ago..

I will see if I remember how to link a video to my garage..


Been a while

By donman

Not much new on the car front. Zaino'ed it before this week's car show...Car runs sweet since the tune.

Thats about it..looking forward to upcoming ar shows in the area..

tuned by frost

By donman

Well got my computer back from a mail order tune...It is sweet. This things shifts awesome now...can catch second if I am in it.all the shifts are firm..

The tune really helped with the performance on the car since I added the headers, y-pipe, and cat back..It was a good money spent..

Still have cam and other parts sitting in a box..looks like that will be put off for a while and will ride around like this for a while..

Sure glad winter is over!!


Cold outside

By donman

Well here we are back in winter time...-10 today.

Haven't ran the car for about a month now. I a battery minder ( craftsman's version) on there now.

New air compressor for christmas, now I need a few air tools.

Projects coming up will hopefully be the cam swap, but need a few more parts for that..

Oh, and I still don't like they way my exhaust tips look after the headers and y-pipe went in. So I have some adjusting to do on that...before spring.


Headers, Y-pipe and motor mounts...Check

By donman

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks.

I added pacesetter LT headers, Texas Speed Y-pipe and poly motor mounts.

It took me a couple of weeks due to a couple of injuries during that time..

The motor mounts were a pain in the butt. Just like most people post that have done them. I learned some things that if I were to do it a second time, I could do it better and probably faster.

I will say this, my y-pipe has not hit the floorboard yet, I live on a brick street and there are many railroad tracks in this town.

Next came the headers. They were not that bad to put in. I did them by myself and really didn't have any issues..

Finally, the Y-pipe...PITA, anyway I could not my cat back to lineup after adding everything, but after a bunch of researching and others offering tips, I cut about 3/4" off my y-pipe and that was enough to satisfy me.

I think things would have fit better if I would have used the old style muffler clamps on the collectors, but I band clamps on everything which made things tighter to line up.

Well anyway that is done and it sounds really cool when you get on it...


New Exhaust

By donman

Well I went away from being stock yesterday. I put on a Magnaflow catback exhaust. Things went pretty well. I did it myself. I need to back under and make one more adjustment for clearance on the 3" pipe over the rear axle. I also wish the right tips were about 1/2" more to the right. I might see if I can work that out also..

I fell in love with the tip when I saw them on a TA at Speed, inc..

The old exhaust I will save in case it needs to back to stock sometime in the future..

I love the sounds, it has a nice deep tone to it now, and when you get on it, it sounds freaking awesome. Not very loud when you are just driving on the freeway or in town..

car shows. tickets, and trophies

By donman

Well my last blog post was in May. We have been busy and only have made it to three car show this year. Won best of class (they never told us what place) at one show and third at another. I got beat out by a new GT500 and a PT (non stock in a stock class)..Oh well.

So in June I had not had the car out very much and decided to take it for a couple hour trip...Was not paying attention to my speed and got my first speeding ticket in a long long time. Had my music cranked and was just sitting back cruising.I had passed a horse trailer and unfortunately the next thing I remember is seeing the officer behind another car as he topped a hill..It was too late..

Last Friday was Monmouth's car show, I have some pictures in an album. This is the coolest car show around here. The amount of cars and quality of cars is unbelievable for this area. Galesburg is trying to catch up, but with Fredd Gibbs car show in Laharpe a day after Monmouths, you won't see the ZL1's and other COPO cars in Galesburg like you see in Monmouth. My son, father and I try to attend every year, we get their early and watch all the cars come in..

Bandit Run

By donman

I had all intentions of going on this years run. In fact that is what brought me to Motortopia. I met someone at Galesburg's Railroad Days car show, and he was telling me all about it. He had a sweet Red TA and a Blackbird..Anyway, vacation time is short this year due to prior things... I hope they are having fun...


By donman

Well I spent last weekend putting 3 coats of Zaino on my car getting ready for my trip to the Chicago area...Made my first long trip in the TA to Speed Inc. open house. It was a blast seeing all the other F-bodys.

The day we were leaving the Chevy dealer had to change one of my cat's because I had a P0420 code set...It was under warranty so that was cool..

Some pic's from my Speed Inc. trip are in with my albums....

I might take some pictures tomorrow at the lake..have to catch up with some of you....I don't have a cool lighthouse around here in Central Illinois :-)

I do have a cool covered bridge, but it is 5 miles of gravel road to get there...hmmmm still might make the trip.

This was my first long trip with the car. I have a buddy who works at a dealers, so he gets most of my work that I can't do myself...So when I bough t my new tires, he did the balancing...

On the way to Chicago, got behind someone who was booking..well let's say hauling butt...I kept up with him for a while and the car drove it was 55 :-)...since my job depneds on my license...I backed it down to a reasonable speed..but man was it a nice drive..

Car is on front of Flyer

By donman

We received this years Monmouth Car show flyer and on the front is my car..How cool.

Anyway this car show is a big one in this area with about 1800 cars last year. This years is on July 31, and the next day is the Fred Gibb car show in Laharpe...Fred Gibb is the dealer that brought us the ZL-1's...We usually get there around noon and watch all the cars come in...Next day in LaHarpe for Fred Gibb...two great car shows in two days.

cam on the way

By donman

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I found a good deal on the GM Perfomance ASA cam. So it is on the way. I have a ways to go before I will be ready to install it, but I love the way it sounds..Tuning scares me the most, I am not by many tuners that I know of. Might have to tackle that myself also...

Received the cam, and have the valve springs ordered...slowly but surely...Also purchased a couple of books on tuning the PCM..

Snow :-(

By donman

Well it is sitting in the garage with about 3 inches of snow outside....bad part about living where it snows...Haven't driven it in a few weeks :-)

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