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Dan Stevenson’s ADRL Pro Nitrous Cameron

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Shortly before turning 50, Dan Stevenson announced to his wife Donna that he was returning to drag racing. A dedicated racer back in the early ‘70s at legendary strips like U.S. 30 Dragway in York, Pennsylvania, Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin, and Oswego Dragway in his native Illinois, Stevenson gave it all up when marriage, children and work took over his life. (more…)

The 19th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion Presented by Automobile Club of Southern California

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

A Living, Breathing History Lesson With a Shot of Nitro

The California Hot Rod Reunion—you must attend, I repeat, you must attend!

If you truly love this sport, you need to make a pilgrimage to Bakersfield for the reunion.  And you need to come real quick, like this year, for sure.  Each year is like the racing equivalent of the Woodstock Music Festival, once it’s over, you just can’t recapture that piece of history. (more…)

Members of the Yenko Sportscar Club Play Hard and Have Fun!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Ah, boys and their toys, of course, the older the “boy” the more expensive the “toy.” When it comes to Yenko Supercars the going rate for a fully restored example is on average 350-750K, but that doesn’t stop these guys from driving the hell out of them. (more…)

In This Era of “Buy and Race” the Faint Light of Creative Engineering Still Flickers in Competition Eliminator

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Michigander Steve Ambrose and his guys have certainly left their mark on Competition Eliminator, winning nine NHRA National Events including Indy and capturing three division championships. They’re currently marching toward their fourth. (Hope we didn’t jinx you, Steve!)  The J/AA six-cylinder Ford-powered ‘23 T roadster, which has chalked up these wins, is powered by cubic ingenuity not cubic dollars.


Gaylen Smith Makes his way in ADRL Pro Extreme

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It’s no secret that respect and respectability don’t come easy in the cut-throat world of outlaw doorslammer racing. Past results and credentials don’t really mean all that much, a point driven home to “Texas Bounty Hunter” Gaylen Smith when he ventured into the American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL’s) premier Pro Extreme class.


Drag Racer Thrashes Parts on the Moroso Performance Dyno

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Check out our stats from 10 pulls in one day.

The original “Drag Special” front tire from Moroso Performance (http://www NULL.moroso has been a “must-have” item for decades, thanks to its light weight construction and lower rolling resistance. And that’s not all the parts maker is famous for. Since 1968, Moroso has pioneered the development of deep-sump oil pans, pan evacuation systems, vacuum pumps, and countless other performance systems and accessories.

Recently, the Drag Racer team was pleased to spend a day at Moroso Performance, where its team of engineers soundly thrashed a host of parts on the company’s DTS dyno. This aggressive project showed us (in real time) how a host of products have increased horsepower over the years.

Mule Engine Basics

The mule engine selected for this exercise was a 582-inch big-block Chevy provided decent results from most of the products tested here. However, it’s difficult to baseline such a wide variety of power producing items using one mule, as different combinations respond differently when applied to engines that put out either less or more grunt.

Specs … (more…)

Steve Torrence Takes Hunt for Title Points to Thunder Valley

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Plus, when & where you can find this weekend’s Thunder Valley action on TV

The decision to contend for a berth in NHRA’s Countdown to the Championship is taking Steve Torrence to some new race sites, including Bristol Dragway, home to the Thunder Valley Nationals, Friday through Sunday.

While it is Torrence’s initial Top Fuel appearance, those making the tuning decisions have a vast performance notebook for the track Bruton Smith carved out of the East Tennessee mountains.

“I’m looking forward to racing there,” said Torrence, driver of the Torrence Racing/Tuttle Motorsports dragster.  “We do have a good race car now.  Dexter (Tuttle, team owner and tuner) and co-crew chiefs Richard Hogan and Kevin Poynter are working well together.  The car has been running consistently and it is going to get better.  We just need to win more rounds.”

Next: Points rankings … (more…)