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Who’s ‘Da Best?^^^Let The Fans Decide!!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
One of the folks who visits Motortopia with regularity, has a gripe with those who, upon occasion, compile lists of  “The Greatest Drag Racers Since Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth!!!”  You know what I’m talking about.  Just about every  automotive magazine and website,  from time to time tackles this project.
And the results never fail to raise the hackles of hundreds and hundreds
of disgruntled readers, who bombard the list makers with everything short of kidnapping and a slow painful death.
Everyone has their favorite driver, based on a multitude of reasons … from the type vehicle they drive to the name of their dog.
So, instead of  the “professional” list makers creating the list, all you out there who give a rat’s rump, do it yourselves.
How about some guide lines first, just to make it interesting.
Let’s try this:
Top Fuel from 1960 thru 1980
Top Fuel from 1981 thur 2010
Nitro F/C from 1968 thru 1985
Nitro F/C from 1986 thru 2010
Pro Stock from 1970 thru 1990
Pro Stock from 1991 thru 2010
And then, cap it off with “The Greatest Ever” for each category
and then, just to make it interesting, “The Greatest Pro Drag Racer Ever”
regardless of category.
And then, just to make it even more interesting, or confusing, how about
“The Greatest  Pro Drag Racer to Race in Multiple Classes”, such as
The Goo$e, Snake, Bernstein who raced T/F and F/C, you catch my drift.
And if you really feel frisky, state your reason for your vote.
For all you fanatics out there, you could also tackle sportsman drivers.
Now here’s your chance, no more bellyaching about how “they” got it so blinking wrong.
So, now all of you out there who have a grudge against all those pro list makers, here’s your chance to be heard.