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The Season of New Beginnings

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
     The new racing season’s about ready to begin.
It’s been more than a few years since I actively participated on a professional racing team….
but I remember, so very clearly all the feelings this time of the brings about.
     No matter how crappy the prior year was, no matter how many first round
losses you suffered through…all the miserable late Saturday nights…into Sunday
morning, cold, tired, replacing all the stuff you blew up on Saturday evening’s
last qualifying pass.
     Now all that’s in the past. 
     All your stuff is new or if not new, all freshened up.  The trailer’s restocked
with new or refurbished parts.  Some new tools in the boxes.  Everything even
smells different.
     You’ve had a little time off to lick your wounds.
     No matter how badly the odds are stacked against you, right now, you feel
anything’s possible.  That’s an amazing feeling.
     It may not last for long, but while it does…it’s bitchin’!
     I talked with Tommy DeLago, Matt Hagan’s crew chief on the Die Hard
Funny Car, a couple days ago.
    He started racing professionally the same year I shuffled off the stage, so
I never had a chance to get to know him.
     Very interesting gentleman…
     Very Focused
     Very Intense
     It’s clearly obvious the way last season ended, left a bad taste in his mouth.
There is absolutely no joy in the fact he had a hell of year but came up short.
he’s proud of what his guys accomplished, don’t get me wrong…but he wants more.
     Tommy wants that Championship and he’s got a “take no prisoners” attitude’ . It will
be very interesting  to see how the F/C season plays out.
     Force, I love you man, but as they said when I was in the Navy…”Stand by for shot lines!”