A Snookered Snake and Hollywood Here we Come!

July 6th, 2011

Text by Tom “The Mongoo$e” McEwen

Photo by Lou Hart

Friends of the Goo$e, things have been really hoppin’ these past few weeks and I want to fill you in.

The Snake turned 70 recently and Don’s wife Lynn, daughters Donna and Lynn Rose wanted to do it up right–and they nailed it!

The trio set up a surprise shindig at the NHRA Museum. They convinced Don he was going to attend an NHRA tribute to Roland Leong, even having a phony event poster featuring Roland set up on an easel at the door to the museum.

Inside he was greeted by almost 200 people, family and friends, all those most important to him. He was shocked, to say the least.

A photo montage of at least 200 photos featuring his personal and professional life played throughout the dinner.

After dinner he was roasted to a crisp by Roland Leong, Raymond Beadle, Bill Doner, “Waterbed Fred” Miller, Donnie Couch, Dave McClellan and yours truly. Snake took some good shots, but it was all in good fun.

This Snake and Mongoo$e movie’s really building up some steam.  Recently Don and I had the opportunity to connect with friends and make a bunch of new ones at the Anaheim Comic Convention at Anaheim’s Convention Center. This is the second year they’ve put it on, and it’s really growing.

It was quite a scene, filled with movie and TV personalities, comic book heroes and thousands of attendees decked out in every costume imaginable. A mongoose and snake fit right in!

We had a big booth set up with the blue Hot Wheels Duster and Snake’s white ‘Cuda displayed and signed autographs on Saturday. Friday night there was a press conference/panel discussion presented by Rhino Films and Storywise Productions, introducing the movie. Our ABC-TV show from the early ‘70s, “Once Upon a Wheel” was aired during the presentation.

Everybody we talked to seems to be real excited about the movie.

There is a bunch of stuff up and running on the Internet that you might want to check out Snakeandmongoosemovie.com (http://www NULL.snakeandmongoosemovie NULL.com), Facebook.com/snakeandmongoose and Facebook.com/mongooseracing. Our Motortopia.com is also really growing, so might give that one a try, too.

As more info becomes available, I’ll keep you posted.

I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to Drag Racing Online, Competition Plus and Drag Racing Illustrated for all of the nice pieces they’ve done about me lately.

Until next time, thanks for coming along on the ride.

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