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Burnouts 101: Heat Your Tires Without Beating Your Parts

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Burnouts. We love doing them, but do we know how to do them properly? In a recent issue of National Dragster, David Reher had a great column entitled “Are Burnouts Abusing Your Engine?” I thought his article was so important that I referenced it on The Dragtime News ( (http://www NULL.dragtimenews site earlier this year as a must-read. On a separate occasion, I had a conversation at The PRI Show with Milodon about a new oil pump they came out with because racers were breaking regular oil pumps on the burnout due to excessive shake.  I’ve long suspected that racers way overdo it on the burnout, but seeing David Reher’s article in National Dragster and my conversation at PRI gave me an idea for a more inclusive article about how excessive and/or improper burnout technique can be killing parts. (more…)

Bob Beucler: Sportsman Racer With a Pro’s Mindset

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Even if you’re the most casual sportsman/bracket racer, you know Bob Beucler—if not by name, by his website (http://www NULL.Dragtimenews This guy’s one serious bracket racer, who’s truly devoted to this style of drag racing.  If his website doesn’t convince you, his race car, the Dragtime Dodge ’64 Polara, and his level of dedication surely will. (more…)

On the Dial

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I sometimes feel like bracket and sportsman racers are drag racing’s forgotten children. It bothers me that the stands at a national event clear out when the dial-in or index classes come to the line. That’s why I’m so excited to be presenting a column to the readers of Drag Racer written from the perspective of someone who’s logged thousands of bracket passes down the quarter-mile. Perhaps you own a drag car of your own, but have only done heads-up drag racing; or maybe you’re a fan of the sport, but have never been down the track yourself.  If my column helps bring some understanding as to why racers like me became involved with and dedicated to bracket-style racing, maybe you’ll take your own car to the local track and get involved in bracket racing, too. (more…)