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The New Ramchargers Dodges

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Photo cred: Auto Imagery

Chrysler and Ford are adding a new and controversial chapter to the history of factory involvement in NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing.  The fabled Ramchargers’ name is prominent in Mopar’s contribution to the latest installment of this ongoing saga.

In 1959, a ragtag, bucks-down but incredibly talented bunch of employees from the Chrysler Engineering Institute pooled their meager resources (it’s said that each of them kicked in less than $40) and started a car club. The mission? Build a competitive drag car, one that could compete with and beat the Chevys and Pontiacs that were dominant at the time. They eventually picked a name for their group: the Ramchargers. (more…)

Lloyd Wofford Returns to Duty With a Fast and Fabulous ’68 ‘Cuda

Monday, March 7th, 2011

“I missed it every day for the past 28 years.” Lloyd Wofford’s not talking about smoking or any other vice; he’s referring to not participating in drag racing.

Lloyd’s story is echoed throughout the pits.  He started racing in the mid-‘60s, only to “retire” years later.  In his first tour of duty he ran through a variety of rides, including a C/MP ’57 Chevy, stepping up to A/SM with a ’68 Camaro and finally a Don Ness-built C/Gas Chevy Monza.  In the mix was a ‘65 SS/BA Plymouth Belvedere owned by “Mr. 4 Speed” himself, the legendary Herb McCandless. Lloyd bemoans the fact he let that one get away! (more…)