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The New Ramchargers Dodges

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Photo cred: Auto Imagery

Chrysler and Ford are adding a new and controversial chapter to the history of factory involvement in NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing.  The fabled Ramchargers’ name is prominent in Mopar’s contribution to the latest installment of this ongoing saga.

In 1959, a ragtag, bucks-down but incredibly talented bunch of employees from the Chrysler Engineering Institute pooled their meager resources (it’s said that each of them kicked in less than $40) and started a car club. The mission? Build a competitive drag car, one that could compete with and beat the Chevys and Pontiacs that were dominant at the time. They eventually picked a name for their group: the Ramchargers. (more…)

Burnouts 101: Heat Your Tires Without Beating Your Parts

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Burnouts. We love doing them, but do we know how to do them properly? In a recent issue of National Dragster, David Reher had a great column entitled “Are Burnouts Abusing Your Engine?” I thought his article was so important that I referenced it on The Dragtime News ( (http://www NULL.dragtimenews site earlier this year as a must-read. On a separate occasion, I had a conversation at The PRI Show with Milodon about a new oil pump they came out with because racers were breaking regular oil pumps on the burnout due to excessive shake.  I’ve long suspected that racers way overdo it on the burnout, but seeing David Reher’s article in National Dragster and my conversation at PRI gave me an idea for a more inclusive article about how excessive and/or improper burnout technique can be killing parts. (more…)

A Strong Work Ethic Pays Dividends for This Racer

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Cameron Monefeldt is a hardcore drag racer and a stalwart Mopar guy; any more so and he’d have an image of Dick Landy tattooed on his chest and Walter P. Chrysler on his back. (more…)