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MSD’s Power Grid Ignition System

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

The new Power Grid ignition system from MSD Ignition is set to be on nearly every drag strip in the country, but what does the new controller really have to offer? If you’ve considered using a programmable ignition system, the Power Grid could seriously change what you thought you knew. Take a look at the box, its features and the software that controls it. (more…)

Bells and Whistles

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

MSD's New Pro Billet Ready-to-Run Distributors—Bolt on Fire Up!

MSD’s New Pro Billet Ready-to-Run Distributors—Bolt on Fire Up!

They’re the perfect upgrade for ancient breaker points or other worn out distributors. Beneath the bolt-down cap is a maintenance-free magnetic pickup, which produces accurate trigger signals, while an oversized shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing. An easy-to-adjust mechanical advance allows a custom-tailored timing curve to match what the engine needs, while a vacuum advance canister increases economy on long cruises. An added bonus is the built-in rev limiter. The rpm limit is simple to set and allows for rapid acceleration without over-rev damage from a broken driveline or missed shift. (more…)