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November 3rd, 2011

MSD's New Pro Billet Ready-to-Run Distributors—Bolt on Fire Up!

MSD’s New Pro Billet Ready-to-Run Distributors—Bolt on Fire Up!

They’re the perfect upgrade for ancient breaker points or other worn out distributors. Beneath the bolt-down cap is a maintenance-free magnetic pickup, which produces accurate trigger signals, while an oversized shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing. An easy-to-adjust mechanical advance allows a custom-tailored timing curve to match what the engine needs, while a vacuum advance canister increases economy on long cruises. An added bonus is the built-in rev limiter. The rpm limit is simple to set and allows for rapid acceleration without over-rev damage from a broken driveline or missed shift.

These distributors feature an ignition module built into the billet aluminum housing. This module produces a powerful inductive spark, improving combustion of the fuel mixture resulting in quick starts, smooth idle and increased performance.

MSD Ready-to-Run distributors are available for V-8 AMC, B-O-P, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and cool retro engines including 348/409s, Nailheads, FEs and early Hemis.

For further info, call 915.857.5200 or visit (http://www NULL.Msdignition


Embrace the Induction Future With FAST!

Embrace the Induction Future With FAST!

FAST has taken the next step in making electronic fuel injection easier with complete fuel system kits for race and street/strip applications.

FAST race and street/strip fuel system kits are available for all street performance applications and most bracket and super class drag racing categories. These kits are an excellent fit for those switching from carburetion to EFI, building new EFI engines or simply upgrading their current fuel system.

These kits are component-matched systems that include everything you need to supply your state-of-the-art high performance, EFI-equipped engine. The components are made of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure years of long, trouble-free service. The systems utilize OEM high-quality fuel pumps with filters, FAST regulators and all of the necessary system fittings, terminals, wiring, hoses and clamps. Fittings are -6AN size or barb equivalent.

For further info, call 877.334.8355 or visit (http://www NULL.Fuelairspark


Holley to the Rescue With its LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan

Holley to the Rescue With its LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan

GM’s popular LS engines are finding their way into a large variety of vehicles. They make great power, plus they’re very durable and reliable. Unfortunately, the factory LS pans don’t always fit, or they hang too low for many applications. This new LS retro-fit engine oil pan provides maximum clearance to the chassis and ground, plus it provides an OEM fitment for durability and proper sealing.
The rear sump design fits most GM muscle cars from 1955-87 as well as providing an option for less common swaps. These 6-quart capacity (including oil filter) oil pans are cast aluminum, just as from the factory to ensure a perfect seal. The complete kit includes sump baffle, pickup tube, sump plug, oil filter stud and oil passage cover.
For further info, call 270.781.9741 or visit (http://www NULL.Holley

Tanks a Lot! Moroso Offers New Dragster 6-Quart, Two-Piece Dry Sump Tank

Tanks a Lot! Moroso Offers New Dragster 6-Quart, Two-Piece Dry Sump Tank


Tank body is 20 inches tall and 6 inches diameter with a 6-quart capacity. Features include:

16 AN inlet and outlet

12 AN Breather tank fitting

O-ring drain bung

Tank comes apart for ease of cleaning or inspection

Top and bottom of tank are joined together by billet aluminum O-ringed sealing flanges

Large diameter, billet aluminum, screw-on cap with O-ring for positive sealing

For more info, call 203.453.6571 or visit (http://www NULL.Moroso (203) 453-6906


AEM Introduces AQ-1 Data Logger

AEM Introduces AQ-1 Data Logger

AEMs high-powered data logger for racers and street performance enthusiasts is easy to install, allows users to optimize vehicle set up and improve driving ability, all at a very attractive price.

This unit records and stores vehicle data so it can be downloaded and analyzed, which can help users improve a vehicle’s tuning and set up, and their own driving ability. With logging rates of up to 1,000HZ (1,000 samples/second) per channel, the system is one of the fastest on the market, and with 2GB of logging memory standard it’s also one of the largest.

Additionally, it features an internal three-axis accelerometer, a removable SD card for virtually unlimited logging (up to 32GB at a time), and includes an available RS-232 serial input for adding an NMEA GPS device.

Included are three switched/digital inputs, four 0-5 V analog inputs with optional pull-up resistor for RTD/thermistor-style sensors, four additional analog inputs that can optionally be used to measure rpm or other frequency-based signals and AEMnet (the new high speed communications network that links enabled AEM products together) capability for direct connection to a four-channel UEGO controller, AEM Series2 EMS or other future AEMnet-enabled devices.

The system provides a flying lead harness with a weatherproof connector and labeled wires for easy installation. Its compact size makes it easy to install (4.80 x 4.55 x 1.44 inches), and its rugged enclosure features a weather-resistant dust cover for added durability.

The AQ-1 data logger interfaces via USB connection to a laptop, and the included software is easy to use with detailed configuration screens to simplify set up and use. Log files are generated for use with AEMLog, AEM’s proven software analysis program.

AEM is developing track-mapping software that will be available late summer 2011. All AQ-1 data logger owners will be able to download these upgrades for free.

For further info, call 310.484.2322 or visit (http://www NULL.Aemelectronics


Aviaid Oils the LS

Aviaid Oils the LS

Aviaid has developed mounts to adapt its advanced Series 2 pumps for a variety of Chevy LS applications. Features of the Aviaid Series 2 dry sump pumps include a compact design, angled ports to facilitate routing oil lines in tight quarters, and choice of four, five and six-stage configurations.

Other key enhancements are alloy shafts, a hardened idler and Teflon coated lead alloy gears. They have a 40-percent greater scavenging capacity than the company’s comparably sized Series 1 and other pumps.

Engine builders can configure the pumps to their exact requirements, as sections are available in a half-dozen widths to provide the desired scavenging and lubricant volume. The pressure sections can deliver from 6-16-gpm flow rate.

For more info, call 818.998.8991or visit (http://www NULL.Aviaid

Manley Sizes up the New Hemi

Manley Sizes up the New Hemi

A new 4340 forged steel stroker crankshaft from Manley Performance is designed to boost the displacement and efficiency of Chrysler’s new 5.7 and 6.1L Hemi engines. The 4.050-inch stroke crankshaft gives 5.7L engines a 392-ci displacement, while the 6.1L engine is expanded to 426 cid.

Manley’s Pro Series Hemi stroker cranks feature gun-drilled mains, lightened rod journals and fully profiled counterweights to reduce the rotating mass for optimum performance.

Outstanding reliability is assured through the premium grade 4340 forging being multi-step heat-treated and nitrided for extra strength. The rod journals feature a generous .125-inch radius for extra reinforcement and are micro-polished. Narrowed rod bearings must be employed. Additionally, each crank is stress-relieved, shot-peened and 100-percent magnafluxed.

The cranks come with an installed 32- or 58-tooth reluctor wheel and feature a dual-keyed post to accommodate supercharger drive pulleys.

For more info, call 732.905.3366 or visit (http://www NULL.Manleyperformance


RHS New Mouse Manifold

RHS New Mouse Manifold

The RHS 14-degree single plane intake manifold features an all-new performance-optimizing design. This new intake manifold is engineered specifically to fit RHS 14-degree cylinder heads with a 5-degree intake face. With a tall profile and long runner design, it provides the power and strong torque curve throughout the mid-rpm range that is required for circle track and drag race applications up to 400 ci. This manifold offers the simplicity of a one-piece design with integral water crossover and a lightweight flange for weight critical applications. Female pipe fittings at all four corners allow external water lines for reverse cooling applications. And, with a 4150 flange, the manifold is easy to install in most popular small-block Chevy applications.

For more info, call 877.776.4323 or visit (http://wwww NULL.Racingheadservice


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