It’s Gonna Get Interesting!

November 28th, 2010
First off, I hope all out there had a memorable (for all the right reasons) Thanksgiving…and cases of food poisoning were kept to a minimum.  Watch those left-overs!  We want to keep all the readers we have.
Unless you’ve been living in a cave or in solitary confinement, you know Silly Season’s in full bloom.
First Austin Coil gives the Force organization a kiss-off then Ed McCulloch and John Medlin depart DSR.   
Where “Ace” will end up seems to be way up in the air, depending on what you read/who you talk with…from retirement to signing up with another team.  Medlin?  Don’t know nothin’.  And Austin?….well Austin is Austin.  He has always been full of surprises.  Once again, depending upon who’s bending your ear, where he’ll show up next. 
The one that tickles my curiosity most is him teaming up with a Arizona Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car team, his wife Lisa at the helm.  Can you imagine how interesting N/FC will get if that comes to pass?
And then there’s Cory Mac’s replacement.  Spencer Massey?  Steve Torrence?  Or? Only time will tell.
Speaking of Cory, one juicy tidbit is a NASCAR team owner (some say Truck, others Nationwide) backing The Mac Attack in T/F for ’11.
Totally off the subject…just curious, which would your rather see (hear, smell, feel) 18 “Big Show” Funny Cars competing for a 16 car show,
or 40 Nostalgia nitro F/Cs fighting it out for 16 or possibly 32 car field?
On that note, as Arnold said in Terminator:  “I’ll Be Back”….(insert thick Austrian accent here).
Thanks for your time….now please go out and buy a copy of Drag Racer, or better yet subscribe!


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