Now you can Bring the Excitement of NHRA Racing Into Your Home

January 9th, 2012

By Meg Richmond

Reality and perception draw closely together when you check out Auto World’s NHRA slot cars. The 1:64 scale cars sport intimate detail and full-size speed. Race them on Auto World’s Pro Racing Dragstrip slot track and you’ll have the thrill of big show drag racing right in your basement or living room.Auto World pays very close attention to the NHRA cars to make them as realistic as possible, and to recreate every minute detail that race fans expect. If you spot someone in the pits taking an unusual amount of photos of all parts of a Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Car or Pro Stock, it might be a big fan, but just as likely it is a product designer from Auto World. Tom Lowe, president of Auto World, explains how this detail is achieved, “We document the real cars at the NHRA races and events, and we work closely with the teams to ensure that every last detail and sponsor logo is faithfully recreated on our slot car versions.”

There are dozens of cars to collect and race. Racing fans can find slot car versions of their favorite Funny Car and Pro Stock teams. Before the end of the year, Top Fuel Dragsters will be available as slot cars from Auto World. “Our NHRA Top Fuel Dragster slot cars are really cool,” raves Brand Manager Tony Karamitsos. “It’s a very different look for those used to seeing classic slot car racing, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The NHRA teams are thrilled and we think the fans will be too.”

There are more than 200 slot cars available through Auto World, including big name iconic hot rods and muscle cars, and even favorite TV vehicles like the classic Batmobile, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee.

Auto World manufactures its NHRA slot cars with what it calls 4Gear technology. It helps make racing them a rush. The chassis is based on a classic extended “pancake” design, featuring an extra gear on its lengthened power transfer plate. An extended wheelbase and narrowed rearend fitted with gigantic dragster-inspired wheels make these slot cars perfect for all of the drag racing vehicles. To smooth handling on corners, two neodymium traction magnets make for super high speed racing excitement.

The excitement doesn’t stop with the cars. The John Force Racing Champions Challenge Pro Racing Dragstrip is about as close as you can get to the real deal. It’s packed with features, including a fully functional LED Christmas tree which starts the race off right. It even knows if you’ve left too early by red-lighting you. Waiting for the green light gives racers the focus and tension of the countdown and that burst of adrenaline as they blast off the line. The cars inch towards the starting line. Yellow, yellow, yellow, green, GO! With nitro-like speed, the cars explode down the track. A finish line sensor lights up for the winner. The tree allows for both sportsman and pro modes.

To keep the racing constantly moving, you can attach a return loop to your drag track set. This part of the track brings the cars right back around to the starting line, so drivers can quickly reset the cars and can keep racing with little interruption.

“We continue to try to make the slot car experience as thrilling and as exciting as the real drag races themselves,” said Lowe. “We’ll keep innovating and working alongside NHRA teams and the sport of drag racing to make slot cars as fast and as dynamic as they can be. We think you should enjoy a race anytime, anywhere!”

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