Tom “The Mongoo$e” Surprise Birthday Party!

January 14th, 2012

Tom “The Mongoo$e” McEwen was totally caught by surprise by his surprise birthday party today.  The crew at Beckett Media and his friends gathered together to celebrate his 75th birthday.  Yes, hard to believe 75 years old!  It’s amazing he’s still alive considering his career choice.  Driving top fuel dragsters and nitro funny cars isn’t conducive to a long life span.  He’s been crashed, blown and burned up countless times, from coast to coast….and lived to tell.  Everyone really went out of their way to throw him a grand birthdayl party.  The planning was extensive, cloaked in secrecy.  And it all came together just as planned.  He was got but good.  There was plenty of good food, conversation and the Beckett women even went to the trouble to create a skit, going as far as to write and a perform a song in his honor.  Goo$e makes it a point never to show emotion, but you could tell he really appreciated all the time and effort that went into the celebration of his birth.

See some great photos of the birthday party. (http://www NULL.motortopia

See a great retrospective video of G00$e’s career (http://youtu

Leave a favorite one paragraph comment about a good memory of The Mongoo$e.  The top three comments (as judged by us in a totally unscientific manner) will a receive a free signed Mongoo$e poster.  Deadline is Feb. 15.


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