Who’s ‘Da Best?^^^Let The Fans Decide!!

December 14th, 2010
One of the folks who visits Motortopia with regularity, has a gripe with those who, upon occasion, compile lists of  “The Greatest Drag Racers Since Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth!!!”  You know what I’m talking about.  Just about every  automotive magazine and website,  from time to time tackles this project.
And the results never fail to raise the hackles of hundreds and hundreds
of disgruntled readers, who bombard the list makers with everything short of kidnapping and a slow painful death.
Everyone has their favorite driver, based on a multitude of reasons … from the type vehicle they drive to the name of their dog.
So, instead of  the “professional” list makers creating the list, all you out there who give a rat’s rump, do it yourselves.
How about some guide lines first, just to make it interesting.
Let’s try this:
Top Fuel from 1960 thru 1980
Top Fuel from 1981 thur 2010
Nitro F/C from 1968 thru 1985
Nitro F/C from 1986 thru 2010
Pro Stock from 1970 thru 1990
Pro Stock from 1991 thru 2010
And then, cap it off with “The Greatest Ever” for each category
and then, just to make it interesting, “The Greatest Pro Drag Racer Ever”
regardless of category.
And then, just to make it even more interesting, or confusing, how about
“The Greatest  Pro Drag Racer to Race in Multiple Classes”, such as
The Goo$e, Snake, Bernstein who raced T/F and F/C, you catch my drift.
And if you really feel frisky, state your reason for your vote.
For all you fanatics out there, you could also tackle sportsman drivers.
Now here’s your chance, no more bellyaching about how “they” got it so blinking wrong.
So, now all of you out there who have a grudge against all those pro list makers, here’s your chance to be heard.


11 Responses to “Who’s ‘Da Best?^^^Let The Fans Decide!!”

  1. reefblue (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/reefblue) says:

    The reason why the “Pro List Makers get it wrong” is an old story: instead of being objective and looking at the facts and the accomplishments of a driver they tend to vote based on brand loyalty associated with driver’s preference. I don’t have a grudge with the “list makers,” I would just like to see drivers get the honor/recognition due them based on what they did on and off the track and not because of the make of the car they drive. I do agree with the fine folks @ Drag Racer magazine and that if your going to vote give a reason or two why you picked the driver that you did. Let the Games begin.
    Pro Stock 1970-1990 Bob Glidden !0 time NHRA champion- second only to Force in championship wins 15.

    Nitro/FC 86-10 and greatest drag racer of all time: John Force
    15 time NHRA Champion- closest competitor Glidden with 10 wins.
    Oldest driver [ 61 ] to ever win a major race [ Nascar,NHRA,Formula,Indy and all major sanctioning bodies].
    At age 61 JF still races competively.
    Not only races but is a team owner consisting of 3 other Funny Cars.
    Not only is owner but is also with his vast experience is a mentor to the drivers of his team. Last year his driver R. Hight won the 2009 FC championship and A. Force finished [ team member ] 2nd overall in points in FC class.
    At age 57 JF was involved in a major crash [ hit the wall @ > 200mph ] which involved in months of rehabilitation and came back this year @ 61 and won not only the NHRA Championship, but 6 other races during the regular season.
    JF’s involvement with FMC to develop numerous safety devices [ blue box ] which have been adopted across the board by the NHRA.
    Have developed with the FMC the Boss 500 motor and not only his team but Tasca’s car as well has used this motor and have won consitantly. To really appreciate this accomplishment you have to realize that all Funny Car teams have used the Chrysler Hemi since about 1971.
    Not only has won more NHRA FC championships than anyone else but has won more individual NHRA seasonal races than anyone else in history.
    Has given unselfishly to charities and the fans. I can’t think of anyone in the NHRA who has a better relationship with the fans and in these days when we are in short supply of role models [ with sports figures ] JF is a class act and is somebody a kid could look up to in regards to how to live and conduct yourself in public.

  2. reefblue (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/reefblue) says:

    Well, it seems that John Force has captured all of the votes since the poll has started. Is there anyone who feels that John Force isn’t the greatest drag racer of all time? [ Feel free to elaborate ].

  3. reefblue (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/reefblue) says:

    John Force has recently won The Spirit of Ford award which is the highest honor Ford awards for lifetime achievement in auto racing. Former recipients include Mario Andretti, Richard Petty, Jackie Stewart, and Dan Gurney.

    Also with Force winning this years NHRA Funny Car championship, Team Force has won 17 championships in the past 21 seasons.

  4. TexasDon (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/TexasDon) says:

    Anybody can be great with mega-bucks of corporate backing! The list makers, along with the major sanctioning bodies all seem to forget which side of their bread is buttered. Not to take anything away from Force or Glidden as they are great drivers, but there are many many great grass roots drivers out there that get no recognition whatsoever. Folks don’t seem to remember that without the small guy who competes at his local track with his home built hot rod week after week and year after year are the reason that the tracks even exist for the professional heros to compete on once or twice a year! In other words, John Force would have no championships at all if he had no tracks to compete on. Make no mistake about it. Its the obscure, unknown weekend warriors that keep, build, and maintain the dragstrips so that all of us can enjoy the sport whether as a competitor or as a spectator. Therefore, my vote vote goes to the unsung “little guy” with empty pockets for without him, I’d have no place to race either!
    Warren Johnson once stated that when he has to start spending his own money to race, he’d quit racing. Thats pretty much the attitude amongst the professional gang. Corporate entities with deep pockets have pretty much taken the ability of small local drivers with great talents themselves to achieve much recognition or thanks. I do miss the ungreedy 60′s very much!

  5. reefblue (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/reefblue) says:

    What separates Force from everybody else who has access to “mega bucks” corporate money is that he has consistently won over the past 20-25 years. I totally disagree to infer that if you have access to big corporate money you can be “great”. You can have the best pit crew, the best tuned car, the best corporate sponsorship, and still be a mediocre driver with mediocre results. There are more of those than John Force’s hanging around. You seem to forget that John Force was one of these grass root racers racing a Gallaxie with a 428 Police Interceptor [ real grass roots/ low budget ] with his brother Louie making up the pit crew. But you know what happened, he persisted and since he was a great driver he was successful and he took to it to the next level. This process continued and one day he was the NHRA Funny CAR Champion. He did it 14 more times- not because he had alot of money- but because he was a great driver. Everything John Force has obtained from drag racing HE HAS EARNED- nobody has given him anything. His sponsers owe him alot more than he owes them. If you want to live in the 60′s and remain bitter and not accept the changes that NHRA drag racing has gone through over the past 40 years thats your deal. But there is no way I will sit back and listen to this nonsense that people like Force and Glidden bought their way to the top of NHRA Drag Racing. You will also find that Bob Glidden was as grass roots as they come in the early days of his career. Even after Glidden started winning championships he never received mega-buck sponsorship from anybody. If you will study your history you will find that Glidden was not only a great driver- but he was a genius engine builder. I’ve listened to the Force nay sayers over the years and its always just a smokescreen for something else: jealousy. What else can it be after all the guy has accomplished from grass roots racer all the way to the 15 time championship winner and all that he has done off the track as well. The real irony here is that everyone of those ‘little guys” who support drag racing week after week would love to rise to the level of a NHRA champion- who wouldn’t want to be the very best at what they do?

  6. doug112 (http://www NULL.motortopia NULL.com/doug112) says:

    Eddie Hill !!! just because I like him.

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    [...]Who’s ‘Da Best?^^^Let The Fans Decide!! « Drag Racer[...]…

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