Creating the Ultimate Wrench Room

February 1st, 2011

Text and Photos by Marcel Venable

Let’s face fact; it takes a special type of person to be a gearhead. We dance to the beat of a different drummer. Most guys set aside certain times to watch sports events in a friend’s basement, sometimes renamed “the man cave.” Gearheads, on the other hand, hold the Daytona 500 or the Winternationals sacred, and huddle together in an area filled with the smell of gear oil and gasoline, while wrenching on their reason for living.

Yes, it’s a sickness, and there’s no cure. But, we give in to the gods of horsepower, continue to hold our dreams close, waiting for that glorious day when we finish the engine swap or big brake conversion, and drive our creations into the sunlight and embark on a new journey. How any of us are able to maintain a relationship with the opposite sex, is still a mystery.

So how does one go about building a gearhead-style man cave? It has to be different than the ones we see on television with the floor from Madison Square Garden or the bar from Cheers. It has to be functional—you’re going be building serious stuff here–while still radiating a cool, automotive aura.

In this day and age, it has to be done on a budget as well. We’ve all seen the dream garages, or “Garage-mahals,” of big collectors, but until I can get those six lotto numbers just right, the oversized check and my picture in the paper is still just a dream.

Most of the greatest Trans Am, NHRA or NASCAR rides (when they were called Stock Cars) were built in two-car garages, after hours, with the washing machine running, while eating a cold version of their wife’s chicken on a paper plate. It’s our roots, it’s where it all began, and it’s a method that continues to produce awesome vehicles and unforgettable times. Those times can’t be bought, but are certainly earned the hard way.

With the advancement of technology, the gearhead of yesterday has changed as well. (No, I don’t mean that we eat mircowaved meals because our wives won’t cook anymore.) Tools, storage, floor coatings and gadgets have been upgraded and targeted towards the home enthusiast. The days of a tackle box full of tools lying in oil spots in an area filled wall-to-wall with spare parts and using a living room lamp without the shade for lighting are history.

Evolve with me my fellow gearhead! Let me show you the Promised Land, and reveal to you the dream! (Sorry, I got a little carried away there for a minute.) Continue reading, if you will. Let me show you how to build a functional workspace on a working man’s budget in this series of articles that will allow your garage to pull double duty as your scientific workshop for all of your mad projects and the place to fold sheets as well.


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