Matt’s Garage

January 13th, 2012

Text and Photos by Roger Rohrdanz

A Lifetime of Automotive Passion

Matt Tachdjian has always been a car guy. In the ‘50s, his father Mike Tachdjian had what we used to call a junkyard in Pasadena, California. Pictures from those early years are framed and hang in the lobby of his garage. His collection of 50-60 cars displays his interest in preserving some favorite memories from his past. It’s a family affair with his wife Linda and his son Cole participating in the hobby, as well.

The 10,000-sq-ft garage is a jewel, with colorful neon signs on the walls, posters and signs hanging from the ceiling, and lots of gas station memorabilia. The shop is a separate area in the building where several projects are being developed.

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