2nd Annual B&M/Hurst Classic Motorsports Charity Carshow

July 30th, 2009

Hot Rods & Heat in the San Fernando Valley

14589_thumb_01JPEGThe spectators and the sun came out for the 2nd Annual B&M/Hurst Classic Motorsports Charity Car Show on Sunday, April 19, 2009. The crowd of thousands, along with over 400 cars, packed the street adjacent to the B&M complex. With registration open to all domestic vehicles manufactured from 1900-1973, (and the new muscle cars), there was a great and varied collection of cars, trucks and even a few vans in attendance. Proving that the B&M guys have their hearts in the right place, all proceeds from the show will go to the SEMA Scholarship Foundation.

If the huge collection of vehicles wasn’t enough, there were over 30 vendors plying their trade, with the delicious smell of food drifting over the area, and a DJ playing the tunes. Celebrities like Dave McClelland did the announcing honors; Jay Leno stopped by with one of his many rides; and Bob Spar, who founded B&M almost 60 years ago, was on hand.

B&M and Hurst are some of the founding companies in the industry, and have been at the forefront of performance innovation. We weren’t surprised they would have a car show, nor were we amazed it would be one to donate the proceeds to charity. What we did find astounding was how long it took B&M to finally put this thing together. Rest assured, we will be at the 3rd annual B&M/Hurst show, and we’d be surprised if you weren’t.

14589_thumb_01JPEG 14590_thumb_02JPEG 14714_thumb_03JPEG
The 2nd Annual B&M/Hurst Classic Motorsports Charity Car Show drew a huge crowd to its Chatsworth, CA, location. The best part is the proceeds went to benefit the SEMA Scholarship Foundation.
Open to 1900-1973 models, (and any year Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, GTO, Challenger or Viper), the show attracted a varied crowd of vehicles, from sweet, classic pickups, wagons, even a van or two to this menacing-looking pair of hot rods.
Somebody said this guy has a lot of cars.
14715_thumb_04JPEG 14716_thumb_05JPEG 14717_thumb_06JPEG
Clean best describes the cool little ’64 Ford Ranchero of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. As nice as it is outside, the interior is also perfect.
Parked just outside the JDM booth was this killer ’67 Nova. It’s equipped with a full rollcage, a monster motor and a radical paint job.
Legendary announcer and potential Drive! pitch man Dave McClelland knows a good thing when he sees it.
14718_thumb_07JPEG 14719_thumb_08JPEG 14720_thumb_09JPEG
This is what all the competitors were after, (we guess you could call it “The Shiftie”). With over 50 trophies handed out, there were plenty to go around.
The massive ’47 GMC COE of Greg Moen aptly anchored the end of the line.
Out of the Bones Fab Shop in Camarillo, CA, this sweet Camaro has plenty of “right” going for it.
14721_thumb_10JPEG 14722_thumb_11JPEG
Nancy Broadhag has owned this original-condition ’65 Vette since the 1960s. The interior is original, and thanks to Nancy’s attentiveness, it is in perfect condition.
The hardest-working man in shine business. With temps in the low 90s, we didn’t envy Mr. Cooper as he demonstrated his product.


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