Catchin’ A Wave

July 29th, 2009

The 7th Annual Wavecrest Huntington Beach Cruiser Meet


Photos by Simon Richards

No matter how good a show may be, sometimes the location is as good as the show itself. Such was the case with the 7th Annual Wavecrest Huntington Beach Cruiser Meet. Sure, the place was filled with sweet woodies and wagons, not to mention some fine hot rods and muscle cars. With its Huntington Beach pier plaza and adjacent Main Street location, though, this show is hot in more ways than one.

Held March 21-March 22, 2009, the show featured “beach cruisin’” vehicles manufactured pre-1968, which meant that woodies, station wagons, sedan deliveries, convertibles, VW transporters, Nomads, pickups and any vehicle toting a surfboard were welcome to attend. Like lemmings to the sea, the place was packed, with well over 300 vehicles signed up for the show. Add to that a few thousand spectators, and the Wavecrest show was, as usual, a big hit.

Huntington Beach has a long history as a hot spot for hot rods and custom vehicle building, with fine shops literally only miles from the water. Having a custom car show literally on the water is a winner in anybody’s book, so the combination is a can’t-miss proposition. For anyone interested in more shows about woodies, check out

For more information on next year’s Annual Wavecrest Huntington Beach Cruiser Meet, keep an eye on the show listings pages here in Drive! We guarantee we’ll be there, so “hang loose, dude.”

drv-171-1 drv-171-2 drv-171-3
It doesn’t get anymore Surf City USA than Main and PCH in Huntington Beach, Calif. Adding woodies, wagons and hot rods just sweetens the deal.
Based in Huntington Beach, D&P Chevrolet was, of course, on hand with many of their fine rides, including this funky tiki-themed wagon.
While most of the woodies were by the pier, on Main St. one could find Tri-Fives, muscle cars and hot rods, along with many cool eateries.
14733_thumb_04JPEG 14734_thumb_05JPEG 14735_thumb_06JPEG
With their fine five-window Chevy pickup, Classic Industries shows that a work truck can have style.
OK, so not all woodies in attendance were polished to a high sheen.
The Ocean Beach Hotel knows how to cater to its clientele.
14736_thumb_07JPEG 14737_thumb_08JPEG 14739_thumb_10JPEG
C&G Early Ford Parts knows how to deliver the goods, thanks to its fine ’40 Ford sedan delivery.
What would a beach show be without a VW combi?
“Dude, did you just see that Betty stroll by?” “Dude, we’re supposed to be signing up new members.” “Dude, don’t be harshing my buzz.”


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