Chrismans’ Christmas Party

April 16th, 2010

Industry Greats Gather For the Holidays


There is something very special about visiting Art Chrisman’s shop in Santa Ana, California. In size, it is about as large as most garages and the equipment is standard. But it is not buildings and tools that draw people to this site, but the man himself and the heritage of the Chrisman family. The Chrismans have been involved in motorsports for over 60 years. They set high standards for their work on cars and in developing driving performance that have inspired others. No question they are the team to beat, the absolute best to pit your skills against. The Christmas Party is equally popular and looked forward to by fans and friends. You never know whom you will meet at Chrismans’ garage. Stu Hilborn, Ed Iskenderian, Jerry Kugel, Phil Remington, Roy Fjastad, Jim Dunn, Jack Underwood, “TV” Tommy Ivo, and many others drop by to visit and relive the golden age of motorsports.

Looking over the dash of this Deuce Roadster, the crammed parking lot of Chrismans’ place can be seen. This event is always one of the highlights of the year.

Standing behind Chrisman’s “Hustler I” is from l-r, Jim Travis, Jim Dunn, Art Chrisman, Tom Pruffer and Pete Chapouris.

The fiberglass body of Chet Herbert’s “The Beast lll,” was on-hand for viewing in honor of the start of restoration. In 1952, Art Chrisman drove it 235.91 mph at Bonneville.

Nitro fills the night air and guests hold their ears, as Art “cackles” his Hustler I.

John Mearns snakes his sweet ’36 Ford through the crowd.

SoCal Speed’s Pete Chapouris talks old times with Chuck Lombardo of California Street Rods.

Phil Wetstone with his hot Deuce Roadster.

<Drag Racer> magazine editor, Randy Fish always makes the Chrisman show.

Jerry and Judy Kugel make a nice couple and Jerry makes some nice suspension pieces.

Some unique cars require a little guided tour.

Bob Anderson probably has 80,000 miles on his classic “Offy” powered ’29 Ford
Roadster pickup from Huntington Beach, CA.

The yard stays full all day!The yard stays full all day!

Don Montgomery brought his wife and his famous Willys.



The yard stays full all day!

In Roy Fjastad’s shop is his landspeed car.

Inside the shop was comfortably crowded.

“Squeak” White prepares to fire up the “#25 Car” as Art prepares to fire up his “Hustler I”.



(l-r) Jake Jacobs, Stan Betz and Steve Davis.




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