DMP Fasteners Open House Car and Bike Show

January 28th, 2011

Text and Photos by Deanna Scanlon

Compared to last year, when the DMP Customer Appreciation Day and Open House was rained out, the weather this time was blistering, but so were the vehicles that showed up for this event.

This year, with temperatures nearing 110 F, on Sunday Sept. 26, 2010, the sun was definitely out. With it came some supporters of DMP Fasteners, many of whom had plumbing put there by the DMP crew. Derek Stankovic, owner of DMP Fasteners based in Chatsworth, California, was a fine host and made sure that everyone was catered to, and we mean that literally as those on hand were treated to not only a great day of showing off their cars, but also to free In-N-Out burgers for everyone who brought a car and signed up.

In addition, many vendors that DMP works with came bearing products to entice the assembled. Names such as Wilwood, California Car Cover, Andrews Powder Coating B&E Custom Paint and many more made sure that those in attendance had the chance to see the latest in hot rod hardware. One of those was Baron Racing Equipment out of Woodland Hills, California. Established in 1948, they have a great selection of old school hop-up pieces and are big into lakes racing.

And as if that weren’t enough, thanks to the band American Flyers great music reverberated throughout the area.

Stankovic says that he plans to put on an open house every year and that you should check out next year’s show. It may be raining or broiling, but either way, it’ll be a good time.



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