Quick Big-Bloc Bolt-on Power

December 15th, 2011

Text by Travis Noack

Photos by Travis Noack, Pete Ward, and Courtesy of Brad Fanshaw

A Quick Fuel Carburetor, Sanderson Headers And Magnaflow Exhaust Breathe New Life Into This Old 396

Muscle cars that were built decades ago tend to need a little updating. Lacking the developments in technology for improved suspension, braking and certain speed-producing conveniences that we enjoy today, enthusiasts were forced to use what was available at the time. That probably explains why the ’71 El Camino we have been working on that was built in the ‘90s was originally dropped with Astro van spindles and cut springs. We have remedied all of the suspension and braking woes on this project with precision-tuned, corner-carving gear from Hotchkis, a stout Currie 9- inch rearend and wicked big-gripping brakes from Baer Brake Systems, but the drive train still needed a little help. The Elco had been sitting for quite some time, and the carburetor originally strapped on top of the 450-hp 396 was gummed up and badly in need of service. The full-length headers capping the big-block heads spit the octane and air mix out fine, but because the Elco was set at pebble-pushing levels, smacked collectors and flattened tubes resulted, and with a less than stellar set of mufflers originally under the car, sound quality left a lot to be desired. See how we got this big-block back up to performance code with a Quick Fuel Technology carburetor, Sanderson headers and a Magnaflow stainless exhaust system.


Quick Fuel Technology


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Energy Suspension

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Sanderson Headers


Sandersonheaders.com (http://www NULL.Sandersonheaders NULL.com)


Magnaflow.com (http://www NULL.Magnaflow NULL.com)

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