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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Road Trip


Taking a cue from the title of this publication, I recently decided to drive up to the Bay Area to cover a show. Being based in Orange County, I usually drive if the trip is within  six hours or so from the office. That means, if my destination is within an arc covering Frisco to Las Vegas to Phoenix, I’ll drive. I do this for a variety of reasons. One is that with all the gear I have to carry to a show, it is way easier to drive than fly. And really, the time is not all that different, especially when going to Vegas. Sure, it takes 4 hours to drive there, but you could easily waste that much time just dealing with the hassles of the airport. It’s really a wash, timewise. It is slightly different when going to Frisco or Phoenix, but not much. Factor in that the X-ray machine attendant and/or Homeland Security usually digs through my bag to see what those cylindrical objects are, (tri-pod), and the whole flying thing is a huge pain. Not to mention that while I’m not necessarily afraid of heights or flying, I do have a healthy respect for gravity. Besides, I really like to drive.