Part Deux

November 30th, 2009


Stop me if you heard this one before: By the time you are reading this, the new website should be up and running.

Granted, it’s taken a little longer that any of us would have liked, but the new site offers more than we could have imagined. In addition to all of the things you love best about Drive! Magazine like car features, tech stories, shows new products and of course, upcoming show listings, the site will also have a video link where you, the readers (or is it viewers?) can upload video from your favorite show. Or maybe you want to give us a tour of your ride? You can now do it on

That’s the thing about websites – the need for content is voracious, and as much as we’d like to go to every show, we simply can’t be everywhere. Just recently, the Nova Nationals tool place up in Pleasanton, Calif. Being Nova lovers ourselves, we really wanted to get up there. Due to circumstances beyond our control, though, we simply couldn’t make it. That’s where you, faithful readers, come in. All it would have taken is for someone who had attended the show, or the show promoters themselves, to take a bunch of pictures and write up a little copy and then upload it to the website and voila! The show would have been seen by thousands of Nova enthusiasts.

To upload content to the site, all that it takes is a push of the “Log In” button. This will allow you to sign up as a member. Once that is done, you will be able to not only browse the various items that we have uploaded, but you can load your own content. It’s simple, fun and gives everyone a chance to see your journalistic prowess. You will also have the ability to upload information on your upcoming shows and runs to the calendar section. That way, everyone will know about your show and attend.

As stated, the site will also allow you to upload video content. But as this is a family outfit, keep things clean, OK? We don’t need any “costume malfunctions” here. Let’s leave that for MTV or some other type of website. And yes, we will be monitoring things.

We will be loading the content from the latest issue of Drive! magazine about a week or two into its run, so you will also have the latest content from the magazine itself.

So there you have it. Let’s work together to make a website that all will enjoy and learn from. As Red Green used to say, “I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.”


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