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February 10th, 2010

DRIVE-Editorial_tempThe second half of our version of “Where’s Waldo,” the Distribution Guide for Drive! magazine, appears in this issue. It provides the names and addresses of shops that carry Drive!, to make it easy for you to locate copies. The first half of the California listings appeared in the January 2010 issue. We were going to also publish the locations of all the other shops outside of California in a third installment, but since we have loaded the entire list to our (http://www NULL.Driveonline website, we figure could use more space in the printed version for more stories with which to entertain you.

To see the full list of the locations, go to (http://www NULL.Driveonline and click on the “Locate Drive!” button, which is to the far right on the toolbar. The locations are alphabetized by city name, and with some cities having many locations, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find us.

The next piece of web info regards our uploading some videos to the site. I shelled out big bucks (to me, anyway) to purchase a reasonably high-end Canon HD video camera on literally the day before I headed out for SEMA. In my schooling, I have taken nearly every photo class there is. From basic B/W through advanced color, I have taken them all, but I have yet to take any sort of video class. But most of the same photographic rules apply, and I have been experimenting with the new format. I shot some footage at both the SEMA show, as well as the Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Ariz. Don’t expect Hitchcock, but for a first effort, they don’t look all that bad. The hardest part of the experience, so far, was figuring out how to download the vids from the camera to my computer. I had to upgrade my computers operating system as well as the iMovie program that my MacBook had, and then it still took me a week of frustration to figure out the downloading process.

By the time this issue hits the stands, I will have these, and hopefully other videos, posted to the site. I have some scenes of Todd Gartshore from Baer and Mike Jonas from Stainless Steel Brakes introducing their latest parts at SEMA, and some footage of Goodguys’ front man John Drummond expousing the virtues of the Goodguys shows. I will also have footage from the upcoming Mooneyes Christmas show and others, so check out our website. Just don’t pull a Roger Ebert on me, OK? I’m still getting the hang of this new fangled moving picture machine.

One final note: as I sit and write this, it is December 7th. As I’m sure you know, it was on this date in 1941 that our country was attacked at Pearl Harbor with the loss of nearly 2,500 service personnel, thus drawing the U.S. into WWII. We here at Drive! want to offer our thanks and appreciation not only to those who were present on that fateful day, but for all of the men and woman who have served, and are continuing to serve, our country with honor.


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