The Flag Is Up

August 12th, 2009


As we enter the last week of production for this issue, my first issue of Drive has been on the stands for a few weeks, and to date the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It seems that you readers like the changes that we have made and the general direction that we think Drive should be going in. I personally feel that it wasn’t bad for a first effort and some of the things that we were working to improve really came to fruition in the second issue (such as a full 6-pages of show listings). That doesn’t mean that there isn’t other things that we would like to do. We have many ideas for future issues and stories that we feel are perfectly suited for Drive Magazine.


One of the ideas is for a monthly club showcase. We feel that clubs are the backbone of the show scene, and as such need to be featured. I have been in a few clubs in my time, and really enjoyed the experiences that I shared with them. As humans we are social animals, and what’s better than having a good time with people who feel the same way about their pastime? We firmly believe in the adage “the more the merrier.” That’s why we’re asking the representatives from all of the clubs to send us your information (location of meetings, types of vehicles that your club is about, dues, etc). We want to publish a listing of clubs so those who are into the same vehicles and lifestyle that you are can contact you about joining up. Please send this info to me at

Another idea that I had was to include a race coverage piece every month. As a rule, car enthusiasts are very competitive, and General Patton had it dead on when he said, “Americans love a winner,” and anyone who has entered their car in a show and held their breath when the winners were announced can attest to the thrill of competition. I have always been way into all forms of racing (I currently race vintage motocross aboard a very trick and way too expensive 1973 250CR Husqvarna. I call it “old guys on old bikes”), and think that many of you feel the same way. Be it the March Meet nostalgia drags at Famoso, NASCAR at Fontana, the USGP in Long Beach or the Monterey Historic Automobile Races, being at the races is exciting and intense and frankly, we want to go to them. These will be pieces on the events rather than simply who won the race; you can get that info on the web. We want to bring to you the flavor of what it’s like at the races, and info on the cars, drivers and track along with information on the area so if you choose to attend the race next year, you will have an idea of what to expect.

So there you have it. Let me know what you think about these ideas, and if you have some of your own, let us hear them. Again, if you are a club rep, send us your information so we can get the club page up and running and who knows? We may want to feature your club that month.


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