Under New Management

August 12th, 2009


Hello, my name is Matt Emery, and I am the new Editor of Drive! Magazine. I am not only an enthusiast of all things motorized, I also majored in photojournalism, though I consider myself a photographer who can write. Some of you out there may have heard my name before, but for the rest of you I will give you a quick backstory on me and my automotive publishing history.

I started out at Truckin’ Magazine and was the Editor of Classic Trucks Magazine for a while. I stayed at what was then McMullen/Argus for a time that went on to Buckaroo Communications, where I was the Managing Editor for Truck Builder Magazine and contributed to all of their titles (actually, the boss insisted on it). I even did a short stint at Dirt Sports Magazine, though I spent all my time sitting in the office writing news and new products. Granted, I was probably the highest paid News and New Products guy in the industry, but I was used to being out shooting features and technical stories, and being in shops and at events. It’s this aspect of the job that I like best and is where I like to be. I actually enjoy lying on the ground to get that perfect angle when shooting a feature, or walking until my feet are killing me at a show. After all these years, I still can’t believe someone is actually paying me to photograph hot rods.

As a long time reader of Drive!, I have seen its evolution from a large scale, newsprint-paper-style magazine to the smaller-trim-but-better-paper-stocked version seen lately. I have also seen some editorial changes take place with the book; some that I have agreed with and some that I don’t. I am not going to bag on any of the past editors, as I am sure they all did their best to provide you readers with a magazine that was their editorial vision. As far as visions go, they had theirs and I have mine.

Like life, I feel that Drive! Magazine, in all of its incarnations, had good things and not so good things in it. Some of the good was that Drive! used to be the definitive source for listings of upcoming shows. Recently however, the show listings have become scarce. That is one thing that we will strive to rectify, but we will need you help with it. If you are promoting a show, or know of one that will be held, send us the information and we will add it to the mix. It doesn’t matter where in the country the show is being held. West Coast, East Coast, Heartland, wherever – send us the info on your show and we will run it. Know that we are a few months out as far as timelines are concerned, so give us at least 3-months lead time, but if you send us the info, it will run.

The next item I hope to improve upon is showcasing new products. The manufacturers are busy thinking up new ways to get into your hearts, minds and wallet, and we are already contacting them to make sure if they have a new product, we know about it. In this very issue, we have expanded the New Products to three pages, and I can see 3-4 pages being the norm. So to all the manufacturers reading this, send me your releases at memery@beckett.com.

Third, our Reader’s Rides section used to actually have pics of readers cars. I don’t know what happened, but that seems to have ended somewhere along the line. So, we have set up an email address where you can send in shots of your cars and we will add as many as possible to the section. We need 1-2 pics and a small description, but include your contact information as well. They don’t have to be professional quality shots, just have the sun behind you and fill the frame of your camera. A nice front 3/4 angle is always good. Send your pictures to me, again at memery@beckett.com.

As for the rest, Drive! will still be the place to read about show events, but we will also strive to bring you car features and tech stories a month. Featuring hot rods, muscle cars and even a few classic trucks thrown in for good measure, we will mostly run older cars, but a few late model features and tech pieces will find their way into the pages as well. As for the tech stories, I have found most readers like the step-by-step approach. I certainly like reading about how the part is actually installed rather than what can be termed essentially a 3-page press release. I also write tech stories in the way that takes the angle of “this is how you do it,” or “this is how the shop is going to do it.” If there is an install we think should best be left to the pros, we will say that. I don’t know about your welding skills, but I for one would never drive a vehicle in which I had welded on the IFS.

So there you have it. I hope you will find future issues of Drive! Magazine informative, entertaining and even thought provoking. This being my first issue, drop me a line and let me know what you think, how we’re doing, and what you think Drive! should have more of, less of, or whatever. There is a reader survey form included, so fill it out and return it to us. That way we will have a better understanding of what it is that excites you about this pastime of ours.

And yes, that is my Nova Wagon.


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