You Asked For It …

January 8th, 2010


Have you heard the saying, “I never get lost because everyone always tells me where to go”? Well, we’re going to go one better for you than that; we’re going to tell you where you can find Drive! magazine. In this January issue and following up in the February issue, we are going to list every outlet where you can find Drive! With over 4,000 places, it should be easy to find a location near to your house. This month, we are going to publish the majority of the list for California. Next month, we’ll finish up the Golden State and include Arizona, Oregon, Washington and anyone else we couldn’t get in this month.

If you remember a few months back, I told you about the most frequent questions I am asked. I forgot to include, “Where can I find Drive! magazine?” At least give times a week, I get an e-mail asking about locating Drive! So we finally bit the bullet and tried to compile the list of outlets where it can be found. I say “tried” because even in this day and age of computers, where you would think we would have this info right at our fingertips, sadly that was not the case. Sure we had info, but it had been entered into a program that wouldn’t allow us to easily get at it, at least without it looking like hieroglyphics. And with my being rusty on ancient Sumerian, I did the only thing I could think of to do – I put it off. After all, it’s not like we weren’t busy shooting features and writing stories. And to be honest, when I saw the raw data list – all 20 pages or so of it – I was a little daunted.

But the time had come to try to sort out this mess of a list. We did this for a number of reasons, not the least of which we wanted to make it possible to upload this info to our website. The old program wouldn’t allow us to do this, not to mention that the old program was laid out in a way that it must have showed the info in chronological order, not alphabetically or even by city or state. Like I said, it was a mess.

To be totally honest, at this point we’re still not 100-percent sure about this list. It is the very latest info that we had to work with, and due to the economy, we can sadly assume that some of these outlets have gone under in the last few months. So if you, the reader, see a shop on this list that is no longer in business, please let us know.

If you are shop that gets Drive!, and all is good then you don’t have to do anything more except enjoy. If you are a shop that doesn’t get Drive! and wants to, let us know; conversely if you are a shop that gets Drive! and doesn’t want to, let us know, too. If you are one of our distributors, please look over the list regarding the shops on your route and let us know if this list is complete and/or accurate.

As stated, once we get a firm handle on this, and we’re sure that we’re 100-percent good with what we have, we will upload it to our website.

Speaking of which, have you gone to the site to see what we have going on there? We have been hard at work loading all of the content we have from past issues and just for you, faithful readers, I have decided to buy a video camera so when I am at a show or race I can shoot footage of the event. I’ll even try to conduct interviews and “video features.”

As for the list of shops that you will find in this and the next issue, let us know if it’s all good, or if we have more work to do. We need your help to make this list as accurate as possible, so thanks in advance.


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