September 30th, 2009


For those who love racing and nostalgia, Prestige Hobbies has the largest selection of die-cast model cars and racing collectibles on the West Coast. In addition, they have a large selection of plastic model kits, slot cars, model trains, die-cast and plastic airplanes, books, videos, nostalgic racing T-shirts and other NASCAR, NHRA, F1 and other racing collectibles, all for sale, mail order or retail. Latest offerings include 1/24th-scale model cars driven by “TV” Tommy Ivo, Warren, Coburn and Miller, Sox and Martin and Butch Leal. With a limited number available (only 1,500 of each), you had better call them quick.

For more information, contact:
Prestige Hobbies
714.821.8320 (http://www NULL.prestigehobbies )

02Speedway Motors is proud to announce another exclusive product in its extensive line of street rod parts: New ’39-’48 Ford Wheel Cylinders with Stainless Steel Sleeves. These ’39-’48 Ford Wheel Cylinders are perfect for traditional-style hot rods, as well as restored original classics. Modern brake fluids have aggressive chemistry that can attack raw cast iron. To avoid this, Speedway Motors starts with all-new castings and installs corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeves. Each wheel cylinder has two bore sizes, just as the originals did, and features new pistons, cups, seals and bleeders. Available for the left- and right-hand side of both front and rear brakes, the wheel cylinders ensure that your vintage brakes perform even better than ol’ Henry intended. As always, the Speedway Motors price is affordable.

For more information, contact:
Speedway Motors
800.979.0122 (http://www NULL.speedwaymotors

03Brute Industries, Inc., manufacturers of Race Ramps, offers its patented TrailerRamps to safely and easily get low ground clearance hot rods and customs on and off trailers without scraping. Rather than using unsafe wooden planks, simply place the trailer door on the notch of these specially designed ramps. TrailerRamps are highly stable and secure, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom TrailerRamps are also available, and are made special order to meet the users exact size requirements. TrailerRamps are highly durable, virtually indestructible, and stable, even able to support a 6,000-pound vehicle. The ramps’ textured coating prevents slipping and damage to floors.

For more information, contact:
Brute Industries
866.464.2788 (http://www NULL.raceramps

04At just over 60 decibels, the GWD 9 wet/dry vac (9-gallon) and the full-size GWD 20 wet/dry vac (20-gallon capacity) from U.S. Products are quiet yet powerful. Perfect for all types of wet vac cleaning needs, these vacuums are ideal for auto cleaning/detailing as well as in boats, busses, and RVs. Both machines have a two-stage, 1.8hp motor that produces 82 inches of water lift and a high 84 cfm of airflow. These are versatile, quality machines that come with a two-year warranty-double that of most competitors.

For more information, contact:
U.S. Products
800.257.7982 (http://www NULL.usproducts

05Nitrous Express introduces this new nitrous system engineered specifically for the ’10 Camaro. This system includes an Autolearn TPS switch, which allows the nitrous to activate only at wide-open throttle. A direct-plug-in Fuel Line Adapter is provided to simplify installation. The system includes Lightning series fuel and nitrous solenoids, the patented Shark nozzle, a nozzle adapter, a 10-pound nitrous bottle with the new Lightning 45 bottle valve, an extra-long stainless braided N2O line, stainless bottle brackets, master arming switch, relay, relay harness and all necessary hardware to complete the installation. Includes jetting for 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 hp. The system can be easily upgraded to power levels up to 250 wheel horsepower. Fits all ’10 V-8 and V-6 Camaros.

For more information, contact:
Nitrous Express
940.767.7694 (http://www NULL.nitrousexpress

06Santa Cruz Speed Custom’s X-Dash is the newest addition to its product lineup. This cool, retro dashboard is just the thing to make your hot rod stand out from the crowd. This approximately 5×17-inch-long design is highlighted by a vintage aircraft-inspired X in the center. The speedo mounting is raised above the other gauges for a distinctive look. Made from aluminum, the X-Dash is available in either a satin-smooth or a triple-chrome finish. This unit accepts a standard 3 3/8-inch speedo and four 2 1/8-inch gauges. It mounts to any flat dash with four stainless 10/32-inch socket head cap screws (included). Retail price: $139 for satin and $229 for chrome and the best part is that it’s 100-percent Made in the USA.

For more information, contact:
Santa Cruz Speed and Custom
831.406.0126 (http://www NULL.santacruzspeedandcustom

07Magworks is proud to introduce its premium line of cast aluminum valve covers for the popular 472-500ci Cadillac engines produced from 1968 to 1976. They’re specially designed with a tasteful, no-frills look, reminiscent of the stately V-12 and V-16 valve covers from the 1920s and ’30s. These thick aluminum castings are engineered with extra strength in the hold-down bosses to eliminate flex, and come with the correct fasteners. Generous gasket rails allow the use of impregnated cork or neoprene gaskets for a positive, leak-proof seal. While breather (or filler) holes are not provided, they can easily be machined to each owner’s personal preferences. Magworks Cadillac Valve Covers are available in semi-gloss black, aluminum powdercoat with polished fins or fully polished.

For more information contact

08Steve’s Auto Restorations is now offering a complete floor assembly and subrail package for ’33-’34 passenger cars. The floor sections are stamped from 16-gauge, electroplated steel, and are assembled with the subrails in precision fixtures. The floor is stamped as a flat hot rod-style floor including transmission hump, yet retains the stock markings and appearance. The floor package works in conjunction with S.A.R.’s new recessed firewall and toe board package for a complete body foundation to replace the rusted or missing floor in your original ’33-’34 passenger car. The floor sections and subrails are also sold as individual pieces to better suit project’s needs.

For more information, contact:
Steve’s Auto Restorations (S.A.R.)
503.665.2222 (http://www NULL.stevesautorestorations

09If you’re looking for the best way to buy or sell your vintages, classics, exotics or hot rods, or simply want a keepsake to show off your pride and joy, ewalk Virtual Tours is the way to go. For just $199, ewalk not only creates the virtual tours, they also post to craigslist to reach interested buyers for you. David Henry, owner of Henry’s Hot Rods, had been searching for a way to showcase his beautifully crafted rides, and found it while working with his friend, Bill Rose, owner of ewalk Virtual Tours. They have created a new, high-tech way to showcase cars based on the technology used to market real estate on the Internet. Professionally shot, wide-angle interior and exterior photos, along with 360-degree interior panoramic views make it possible to truly appreciate all the details of the workmanship. Coming soon is a 3-D exterior virtual experience, which will allow viewing of every angle of the outside of the vehicle. Call now to set up your ewalk virtual tour.

For more information, contact:
Henry’s Hot Rods
800.711.4980 (http://www NULL.henryshotrods

10Oil is the lifeblood of the drive train. Without a constant, adequate supply, parts are destined for failure. To accommodate, Weldon’s 9200-A oil transfer pump circulates hot oil in transmissions and differentials that has been designed to meet the demanding rigors of racing and OEM applications. Flow rate for the 9200-A is 30 gallons per hour of 300-degree F 80-90W differential gear oil or ATF. The current draw is only 5.5 amps while the units measure out to a compact 2.50×5.40 inches and weighs 3 pounds. Weldon pumps are 100-percent serviceable/repairable. The internal components are 100-percent metallic-no plastics or composite materials are used. They are compatible with all types of hot oils. The Weldon 9200-A fluid pump retails for $390.

For further information contact:
Weldon Racing Pumps
440.232.2282 (http://www NULL.WeldonRacing

11Centerforce is proud to introduce its new 12-inch Dual Friction clutch assembly for the ’10 Chevrolet Camaro equipped with the LS3 engine. Designed as a direct bolt-in for perfect fit and function, the new unit has an increased holding capacity over the standard clutch assembly. Centerforce strives to provide the best products on the market by constantly testing different materials and designs to find the best combination. The Dual Friction PN DF593010 (Pressure Plate, Disc included) is now available. Note that a Centerforce flywheel is required for this application. The Flywheel part numbers are 700142 (Billet Steel) and 900142 (Billet Aluminum).

For more information, contact:
928.771.8422 (http://www NULL.centerforce (http://www NULL.centerforce NULL.)

12IMG Solutions is proud to announce Headlight Restoreä, the first of its new car care products. Going beyond, cleaners, wipes and polishes, Headlight Restoreä restores your headlights’ clarity by removing yellowing, oxidation and pitting. Restoring your headlights improves nighttime visibility, providing a safer driving environment. Everything is in the kit including IMG Solutions TL3000; you simply supply a cordless drill. Restoring your headlights to like new condition can easily be done with this kit in less than an hour. Backed by a three-year limited warranty, Headlight Restoreä gives you years of worry-free protection.

For more information, contact:
IMG Solutions

13If you’re a car enthusiast with a blank wall or two, you’ve got to check out the latest in “Garage Art” available from Pastime Signs. Whether you are looking for automotive, motorcycle, pinup or even a custom personalized sign for your business or car club, Pastime offers a huge assortment of cool signs, clocks and thermometers.

For more information, contact:
Pastime Signs
619.562.5264 (http://www NULL.pasttimesigns


14Tired of the traditional style of hood pins that rust or lanyards that scratch the paint? Have you lost your pins from removing the lanyard trying to protect the finish? Introducing the next generation in hood pin technology, the “Quik-Latch” Hood Pin System provides a low-profile look. With just a push of the button, the hood is unlatched. The patent-pending design features one-finger activation; the button stays in the down position until re-latched, and then button pops back up. No more pins to keep up with. Installation is simple with basic tools. Available either painted or polished, and in a variety of styles, prices start at $299.99 per set.

For more information, contact:
Quik Latch Products
469.387.0212 (http://www NULL.qlatch

15Proform’s Race Series Æ carburetors are the lightweight, affordable high-performance racing alternative. Hand-assembled in the USA, these 650-to-1050-cfm carbs feature a high-flow aluminum main body, adjustable screw-in air bleeds, high-rate air-flow section design, solid billet construction, Teflon-coated throttle shafts, sight glass windows and a billet throttle base plate. The Perform Race Series Æ crabs provide dyno-proven horsepower and use standard service and tuning components such as high-performance down-leg boosters (except 650), timed and full vacuum tubes, power valve blowout protection and slip-link mechanical secondary linkage and are available with mechanical or vacuum secondaries (650/750 cfm). A new Race Series Circle Track 750-cfm carb has just been added to the lineup.

For more information, contact:
Proform/Specialty Auto Parts
586.774.2500 (http://www NULL.proformparts

16Leading fiberglass truck cap and tonneau cover manufacturer A.R.E. announces the LSII Series tonneau cover for the ’09 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 models. A.R.E’s tonneau covers are an ideal solution for truck owners in need of added utility, such as protecting gear from unexpected rain; turning the truck bed into a trunk for hauling groceries; or stowing expensive golf clubs in a locked area. The LSII Series, featuring an exclusive Lift Assist gas strut system that makes it easy to open and close, is designed to match the exact size and shape of the Dodge Ram truck bed for a quality fit and finish. The LSII tonneau covers are also painted using the OEM paint code for a high-quality appearance.

For more information, contact
800.649.4ARE (http://www NULL.4are


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